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  • Uberbike finned pads – same as normal pads?
  • Premier Icon Stevelol
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    Are the actual brakepads that you get in the Uberbike finned pads set the same as the normal non-finned brake pads?

    I ask because there’s some finned ones on ebay that work out cheaper than the regular ones, I don’t really care about using the fins as my brakes work fine, so I wondered if I could use them like regular pads.

    I’m thinking perhaps there’s less pad material so the finned part can fit in the caliper, although I’ve never used finned pads so dunno… If that’s the case I’ll just spend a few extra quid and get the normal ones.

    Thanks for reading this thrilling question!

    Premier Icon frogstomp
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    I think that the backing plate is thinner on the finned ones, so the overall thickness will be less (even though the pad material thickness will be the same).

    Premier Icon Stevelol
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    OK thanks makes sense, thanks I’ll buy the regular ones.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    Yep, he’s right, the backing plate is thinner.

    Premier Icon mrmoofo
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    Much less “pad” material…
    And , TBH, a little bit shit
    Still with normal ones unless you are riding 10/10th all the time

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