Tyres – Found some good ones.

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  • Tyres – Found some good ones.
  • I've used quite a few over the last year I'm cheap so don't want to spend lots on uber tyres.

    Continental Verticals 13 quid each, lightish, fast rolling and grip like shit on a blanket.

    I expect the expensive versions are even better.

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    nobody say "conti v*rt pro" or you'll open up a wormhole back to the old stw and the internet will collapse 😯


    Onza Porcupines.


    if you think they are grippy try Maxxis HighRoller 2.35 Maxpro's get the folding kevlar bead single ply ones – you'll frighten yourself with the speed you'll be able to corner

    I've got a set of high rollers seem to roll too slowly to me. Onza porcupines?? Yes the contis are old but they are good.

    In the shed at the mo

    High rollers folding
    Speed Kings folding
    Mountain Kings folding protection
    Fire Xc's
    Specialized Endruos PRO

    I like these old fellas better.

    Farmer John's Cousins FTW!


    Better stock up on your puncture repair kit & get plenty of tubes in…..

    I use them and don't have a puncture issue – really nice tyres in many ways but – when they let go they do it without warning especially on the front. fairly useless in mud as well but cheap light and fast rolling.

    I've always liked Tioga Facory XC.

    emac I'm 16.5 stone on a 30lb bike and ride hard, not one puncture in two months.


    I used to run Conti Verts on all my bikes and didn't find them particularily puncture prone, even on hardtails – and I'm no lightweight.

    Only useful as a trail centre tire imo due to being light and fast rolling

    And there are much better tires out there for that too.

    Complete crap for anything else unless it is bone dry and dusty


    Spesh Storm Control and Nobby Nics are my current favourites


    Storm Controls are what I'm currently using on my Enduro. Haven't decided what to use for the summer yet.

    Funny as I was out in the wet for four hours today on mud, roots, rocks and all sorts and they performed perfectly.

    I expect I'm a crap rider though. 🙄


    Conti Verts are rubbish

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    I don't Know alot about tyres but I do know conti verts are rubbish in mud.

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    Good on the rear but dangerous up front. Work best when pumped up to a reasonable pressure.


    I got some 2.somethings High Roller folding things on my Marin – not the 2.35s and I found them terrible – great in a straight line, awful for anything else unless it was bone dry…so they got replaced with some Conti Vert Pros – which I find work very well in all conditions (apart from the thick fresh snow that we had a wee while back – but I suspect all tyres would have done the same)…

    I do fancy trying the wider High Rollers but they cost a bit and there is still life in the verts…so I'll be leaving them well alone until I wear the Verts out.

    A great tyre for my riding (which is now involving more pedalling than walking!)…

    If those High Roller Foldings in your garage are going to go for sale, let me know as I could be tempted…


    I use CVPs when it's in between muddy and dry and think they do well then…but only because I have them and prefer other tyres when it is dry or muddy. Have ripped a knob off now though.


    Panaracer Dart up front and a Panaracer Smoke on the back…….. or White Onza Porcupines…

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    lol @ scardeypants.

    those were the days 🙂

    Conti Verts are brilliant.

    Ad infinitum.

    Yeah, verticals aren't great in thick mud as they just clog up.

    However on virtually all other surfaces they grip pretty well. They certainly aren't puncture prone; I've only ever had a few snakebites mostly from DH stuff, but that's because single ply tyres for DH should be avoided like the plague (I didn't have any dual ply at the time though).

    They are a very underestimated tyre. Took them to the Dyfi forest down all the Motocross stuff and they stuck pretty well with no problems. They gripped the loose shale on the Dyfi enduro no problem and filled me with confidence.

    To all those who knock it for it's mud problems:
    The manufacturer who makes a perfect all-condition tyre that rolls well over all surfaces will drive everyone else out of business, and don't exist yet. The Verticals are a great tyre that work pretty well on everything except deep mud (where you probably need a proper mud spike anyway)


    Race Kings FTW!


    I quite liked the Tioga Factories as cheap tyres too.

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    Panaracer Smokes and Onza Porcupines – do they still make those ?! I do have some, but they are getting pretty old and sidewall crumbly. I was under the impression that things had moved on since 1990 (?!). Or have they not ?


    Tioga Psychos baby! They were lethal….

    +1 for Tioga Psycho 2's!! Yee Ha! Those light grey ones with the amber sidewall; awesome!

    I swear this forum is a timewarp.

    Anything made by conti is rubbish. Science Fact that is.

    2.35 highrollers rock. OK its like dragging a concrete block behind you, but they're ace on the way down.


    ousel – I think they remade the panaracer smoke and dart a couple of years ago IIRC.

    Currently my Fave tyres are MTN kings and Nobby Nicks……. 🙂

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