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  • hainman

    Im running Conti Baron f and Rubber Queen rear,recently was at Carron valley when i met a couple of guys who said to me my baron was overkill for trail centres…

    Also rode them at Glentress twice

    Does this ring true or is it horses for courses….




    What pressure’s were you running?

    Premier Icon nickc

    It doesn’t matter.

    Premier Icon Wally

    Black round ones – is a frequent response to this Q. What ever you have will be fine.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    It depends on what sort of riding you do, which trail centres you ride, how rad you are etc. There are those who will tell you to have a different set of tyres for different conditions, but ask yourself this: did you get round without flatting andand keep a grip as you did so? DO you feel as if the size and weight of your tyres was a disadvantage? If the answer was no BEFORE you spoke with the tyre gurus, then you probably have the right tyres on.

    Can you afford a different set of tyres for each type of surface?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Overkill, maybe, but they’ll be absolutely fine for the job and if you go somewhere else that the Baron earns its paycheck, you’ll be glad to have it on and not some hardcore-specific weekend warrior’s tyre 😉

    Though, to be fair I don’t leave my Barons on, because they’re not the best at hard stuff and they wear pretty fast, and they’re expensive… I save them for Teh Horrorz.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Black round ones

    Yeah, but how big? Simply fitting different tyres for your visit to a trail centre means you’re missing out on the potential advantage of a completely different wheel size.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Amazing that some people have such a ‘run what ya brung’ attitude to tires, even at trail centers.
    Surely anyone can see that the characteristics of the contact point between your bike and the ground are one of the most important factors in your set up.

    Holy Rollers ftw.


    I do Glentress local xc stuff the new Cathkin brae trail carron valley,all diiferent surfaces,cathkin and carron valley are more gravel type surface were as Glentress is a mixture of mud,roots rock and gravel oh and wood.
    To be honest im not the fastest rider so dont take corners at fast speed,and the tyres are only wire bead ones so probably not the best of compounds but the baron holds its own in the muddy gloop of scottish cycling,rubber queen on the other hand isnt to grippy on the rear,especially over rock or roots…
    Just wondered if i was maybe better with something else but again i couldnt afford the Black chilli stuff,the tyres that came on the bike were hutchinson toro snakeskins,and previous bike was running spesh eskar armadilo’s.which i liked but cant find now…

    Thanks all for your tim and input,



    Don’t worry about it, just enjoy your ride.

    When your current tyres are worn out, then get some new’uns; High Rollers, are my personal favorite!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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