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  • Tyres for Stans Crest rims
  • bmike

    I’ve got some Stan’s Crest rims (mk2 I think, 26″), that I’m looking for tyre recommendations for. I’ve read that some brands fit the rims better than others, and some brands of tyre should be avoided completely. Is that old news now, and all modern tyres are ok? Looking to run with tubes initially, if only to get the tyres seated properly and find some that I like, before going tubeless.

    I tried some old Continental Rubber Queens first of all. They went on ok, but I couldn’t get the beads to fully rise out of the centre channel and seat properly, like they were just too tight to get pushed out when inflating. I had tubes inside at this point, if that makes a difference to seating the bead? Maybe I hadn’t pumped them up hard enough to get them seated? I’ve read that people say to over inflate them right up to 70psi to get them seated, then back them off? I’m a bit scared of doing that though, in case the rim gives out at such a high pressure, which I’ve read about online too.

    I then fitted some other old Continental tyres, and one of them popped into place without too much trouble, but the other one never did. Again, maybe I just need to grow some balls and inflate them up to 70psi?


    Try 70psi, but also a couple of other things..

    What rim tape is fitted? Thin, shiny rim tape works better than thicker, rougher stuff.

    Lather on some soapy water (I use a garden sprayer with dilute washing up liquid).

    Reports of rim/tyre mismatches are 99.999999% down to user error.


    Tubes generate more friction to resist the bead moving. You can try talc powder to reduce it. You may find the tyres seat easier when tubeless. High pressure should be tried too. I can imagine that if failures are a real thing then they were when riding with too high pressure, rather than in the workshop.

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    Very strong mix soapy water works for me.

    Had this issue with a 27.5 X 2.6 tyre last week when the tyre wouldn’t sit on the bead properly when I used a tube. Hoping to stretch the tyre and then revert to tubeless.

    My daughter has Schwalbe Racing Ralph / Rocket Ron on her Crest 26s currently. Had to put an extra turn of tape on one of the rims.

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    dont just pump them up to 70psi, I had a tight tyre pretty much explode – the bead snapped, BOOM! If you’re setting it up tubeless put washing up liquid on the bead/rim. If you’re using tubes then plenty of talc in the tyre.
    If you get up to 40-50 and it’s not in place then lower the pressure and try to manipulate it into place. This will be tricky to explain if you don’t know what I mean but here goes: Find the “low spot” where the tyre bead hasn’t popped up onto the rim, rotate wheel so it’s at the top and you’re looking right at it, put wheel on floor then spin it round so low spot is facing away from you. Place your hands on the top of the tyre as if you were gripping a really narrow handle bar, brace your thumbs against the side of the rim facing you (opposite the low spot) now “roll” your hands back to pull the tyre back towards yourself, hopefully this will get the tyre to pop up onto the rim.


    Thanks for the suggestions. I’d tried ‘manipulating the tyre to try and get it to pop into position, but that wasn’t working. Rim tape is Superstar yellow shiny stuff, which I believe is quite similar to Stan’s own tape?

    I’ve got some tyres seated ok now. I got an adaptor so that I could attach my compressor’s tyre inflater (schrader) to the Presta valves. I don’t have a pressure gauge that fit’s onto presta valves either, so I found that I hadn’t been getting anywhere near 50psi with my presta hand pump. Soon as I got up to about 45-50 with the compressor the tyres popped into place.

    I’m finding the presta valves to be a real faff tbh, would much prefer to be using schrader ones, like I always have in the past. I’ve read that it’s possible to open out the hole in the Stan’s rim to accept a schrader valve instead. Seriously considering this, or is that a really bad idea?

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    or is that a really bad idea?

    It’s just a slightly bigger drill bit, no problems at all.

    But it doesn’t really make a difference, just take the core out of either and the diameter is much of a muchness.

    I find a bar of soap works better than soapy water, rub it liberally on the inside of the rim and the tyre bead.

    Never had a tyre not go on eventually, the problem is getting them on in the first place (again soap helps) as stans have a fairly shallow profile for the bead to sit in while you push it over the rim, especially if the tyre has a thick bead.

    The bigger problem is some tyres don’t play nicely with the tight bead of stans rims and blow off in use. I had some cheap Kenda’s do this.

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