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  • GW

    none at all 😥


    High Roller front, Larsen TT rear is my fave combo. Everyone’s different though!

    Swap the Verts with some charcoal briquettes,that way the briquettes will grip better than the Verts,and at least the Verts might burn ok.

    Two bikes
    Cove Stiffee: I have a pair of super tacky Swamp Things on. It grips and I like it.

    GT Avalanche: Currently have a pair of Continental Verticals. The front always feels fine, but the back end has poor grip over roots and rocks (it’s a bit of a shocker).

    I have a Super Tacky High Roller which I am inclined to put on the front of the Cove and put the freed up Swamp Thing onto the back of the GT. Also, the High Roller is directional (only indicates one direction) but from looking at other tyres it looks wrong for the rear.

    any thoughts?

    Coming to the same opinion on the verticals. will try the High Roller as my front on the cove.


    Single ply 2.35 High Roller Super Tacky front and single ply 2.25 CrossMark 60 on rear.


    conti verticles almost killed me at whinlatter. changed to maxxis high roller super tacky they grip like hell but can feel like your riding through porridge . kenda nevegal f and r are my fav but i have wtb prowler ss race front and rear and have been really immpressed with them and they only cost £20 for the pair off crc

    whilst I have to admit the main limiting factor on my bike(s) is me, trying to fathom tyre combinations still seems to be something of a black art. All pointers and preferences are very helpful.


    i run spesh eskars on hardtail and full sus.
    a control tyre i suppose.

    Predictable, fastish. And not too expensive.

    i’d rather be able to afford the pub than pay 45 quid a tyre.

    spesh captains fr & rear for me, work well in all conditions, predictable and cheap/fast, high volume so take the rough stuff in their stride…


    i’ve been using panaracer 2.35 all condition tyres. roll and grip suprisingly well


    This interests me. Since returning to North Europe I realised I can’t ride dual ply supertackys any more and need some new tyres!

    These all condition tyres you speak of Jedi… do you have a linky?

    Premier Icon aracer

    I find Schwalbe Marathons are a bit rubbish in the mud.

    on my cove I’ve now got a super tacky swamp thing on the back and a super tacky high roller on the front. it feels fine. when it does slip it doesn’t just let go leaving me to stall.

    On the GT I have a super tacky swamp on the back (I had two) and a continental mountain king on the front (previously on the cove). Again, the ST on the back is good for getting up hills over rocks and roots. the MK seems ok and the bike goes where I point it.
    Not sure what to do with the verticals, pretty sure I don’t want to put them on a bike though.
    Thanks to all for the advice.


    Super Tacky High Roller Single Ply on FR and 60a High Roller Single Ply on REAR. All tubeless on Stans Flows…its all Im gonna ever need in the Peaks considering how dry it its!

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Swamp things are a bit excessive now that the dust is here. It’s a mud tyre really, but if you like the ride of it then that’s what counts.

    The verticals divide opinion more than any tyre I’ve heard about – some think they should be banned on H&S grounds, others like them just fine.

    I’m in the Glasgow area, still plenty of mud around. Although, I haven’t been using either of the MTBs going into work, so maybe I need a better rolling tyre that’ll deal with a bit of tarmac.
    Any other thoughts on the Panaracers mentioned by Jedi?


    Highroller ST front and Mininon single ply 60a rear for my bikes.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Maxxis ignitors 2.1 light weight ones, run as tubeless front and rear ftw.

    Premier Icon lunge

    High Roller front, ADvantage or RaceKing rear. The RaceKing is really good at the moment, nice and fast and just enough grip.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’m a long term fan of Panaracers
    Trailrakers in the winter, Cinders in spring & autumn and Rampages in the dry. Like the look of the ACGs, like a cross between Rampages and Cinders.

    Cheers to all. Stuff to try all year.

    Premier Icon rugbydick

    I’ve just put some of the Panaracer CG All Conditions front and rear on my Zesty. First impressions are that they are awesome.
    A bit of dust, a few roots and some good old Aberdeenshire mud all in the same ride and they coped with it all really well. Seemed to be reasonably fast rolling as well (I did just change from Trailrakers though 😯 😀 )

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