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  • tyre width Q for fat bikers?
  • BearBack

    To ride the groomed nordic trails here through the winter, I need a tyre stamped with 3.75 as a minumim.
    My Scale plus frame has a measured 3.75″ minimum clearance between the seat stays and the 34 Plus fork a good 4″ clearance between the lowers.

    So, I can either build a 26″ boost hubbed wheelset with BR710 76mm inner rims OR use an existing boost hubbed XM551 40mm inner rim
    Knowing nothing about Fat or 27.5fat tyres, can anyone give me an idea as to what minimum 3.75 wide stamped tyres come in under their measured with? I guess I’m looking at 3.8 and 4.0 tyres?
    I recall there are some 26×3.8 tyres that measure 4.7″ so I assume things could be all across the board.

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    My 26″ dillingers are nominally 4’s but are 3.75 on 65mm rims. (Just measured now). They are also studded which I like. We have the same “rules” over here in Canmore and it seems strange. If the snow is wrong you’ll leave a groove no matter what width you are running…..

    Are they actually on Nordic trails or just lost lake area in Winter? We’re just on the trails but they still insist (although never been checked)


    Nope, lost Lake is off limits I believe… The muni are missing a revenue trick there but they want to protect the xc ski ticket sales .
    The trails are at the Callaghan, Olympic park. All groomed,all winter.
    Thanks for the measurements

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    If you stick a 3.8″ on a narrowish rim, you may get it to fit, especially if you shaved off the side knobs.

    Endomorph on 40mm rim comes in at 3½”


    Putting a wide tyre on a skinny rim will results in lots of ‘squirm’ at low pressure and sometimes you need to go <2psi to maintain traction on snow. If you have the option of running a slightly wider rim and more aggressive tyre upfront it helps as it compacts-down the snow – the rear is just ‘pushing’.

    Premier Icon clubby

    The 26″ version of Panaracer fat b nimble is marked 4″ but barely comes up to 3.5″
    Not great in mud or soft snow but I’d imagine it’d be pretty good on groomed snow.

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