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  • nosedive

    I’ve just highroller 2.35 and I like them. To get a bit more grip I’ve put a minion downhill front super tacky on the front, mad grippy. It doesn’t seem to slow the bike down any but if you are worried about rolling resistant probably best to avoid super tacky ones

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    Minion (front) up front, high roller on the back. I also don’t like high rollers on the front much.

    2.35’s folding ones on my hardtail, 2.5 dual ply on my “Alps bike” with super tacky on the front.

    you could try Continental Verticals? I like them too, predictable.


    I’ve just bought an orange alpine which is fitted with a Maxxis high roller front tyre. When riding over Cannock chase I just don’t seem to get the same level of grip as I do on my hard tail (fitted with pananracer fire xc pro). The pananracer is a more rounded tyre with knobbles all over whereas the maxxis has a flat topped profile.
    I just don’t get the same grip on the flat twisty sections on cannocks hard packed smooth pebbles.
    I’m looking for a tyre that will give me the same grip as the panaracer but at the 2.35 size of the maxxis. Can anyone recommend a good tyre for the conditions please. Thinking possibly something from the schwalbe range or maybe a more suitable maxxis. Bike is fitted with downhill tyres so I am really looking for an XC alternative to swap over to when required

    Also something with a little less rolling resistance to the panaracer would be nice, (yes I am aware I am asking for everything) but if it came to it I would prefer grip over ease of pedalling




    I’ve had a look at the Maxxis range, they all seem to be missing knobbles between the centre and the sides where my Panaracers have overall coverage and a more curved profile. When leaning the bike over this is exactly where i need grip when negociating the flat smooth pebbled turns of Cannock Chase. No idea why this is?
    I’m looking now at the panaracer rampage. You don’t seem to hear as much about panaracer tyres as maxxis but I find mine very good

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    2.35″ Minion would be the obvious solution for Cannocks more hardpacked surfaces. Could also try a 2.25″ Crossmark, which I personally think is best on the back but seen many people run them up front too.

    Slightly leftfield choice, but big, grippy, pretty fast rolling and not heavy is the Bontrager XR4. Currently running one of these on the front of both my bikes, get on with them really well, and they work in a variety of conditions.


    I’ve been running maxxis ardent 2.4 folders on my alpine 160 for about a year – brilliant IMHO , plenty of space for them on the alpine unlike a lot of other bikes. Mind you I am tempted to try the 2.5 Minions DHF in the new exo flavour.


    see if you can get hold of a pair of Panaracer FR’s. if you’re used to the XC version then these will be what you need. i’ve got a pair and i love them to bits. they come in a 2.4 size so you’ll need to make sure you have the right inner tubes for them and enough frame/fork clearance

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    2.4 Ardent Front & 2.35 High Roller Rear seems spot a on combination on my Heckler

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I like my Rampages, but they’re next to useless in sloppy mud (or snow)
    I’ve been trying to find a suitable autumn replacement. Panaracer Cinders are very good, but a little draggy.
    I’ve been hearing good things about Maxxis Advantages.

    I did try a High Roller and I know what you mean about the gap between the centren knobs and the outer. Not too much of a probblem if you’re leaning into a corner: it’ll break away until it grips again.
    But totally useless on slow-speed off camber stuff, its missing knobs just where they’re needed.


    Rampage bought and fitted, just need to get the chance to try it out now. Looks wise it just seems to be a larger version of the xc fire pro so if it handles the same I’ll be happy.

    Ir Bandito – I’ll see how it goes in the mud. If it is like you say then I’ll look for a bad weather tyre. It was quite cheap so I’m happy to have if just for a dry weather option

    I’ll also keep my eye on the Maxxis ardent, advantage and minions, they may be good if the panaracer gets slippy in the mud.

    Cheers chaps


    Maxxis 2.25 Ardent up front and Maxxis 2.1 Advantage out back. Best tyre set up I’ve ever had. Very quick because of the width and lack of rolling resistance but the Ardent is very gripy. The Advantage also gives enough grip in the loose stuff when you need to stand up and climb, no slippage. It’s on the quick knarly down hills and the corners that you notice the difference though. The side knobbly on both tyres really hold on and guide you through (both UST btw)

    b r

    Been on a front Ardent (rear Larsen) since March, worked well everywhere except for yesterday in the Chilterns – they just filled with mud and gave little grip.

    Any recommendations – gotta be light though and gone off Nobby Nic’s – thinking Minion single ply?

    Will be run tubeless on a Crest.

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