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  • Tyre question (with a difference) 20”
  • hooja

    Does anyone know of any decent 20” mtb tyres?
    The little fellas bike has small block 8s but they are useless in muddy conditions. The only options I can find are, conti explorers and schwalbe black jacks.
    Anything else out there before i order some black jacks?


    Schwalbe Little Joes or Bontrager XR1 Kids?

    I think Maxxis offer some mtbish BMX tyres too?


    I was thinking the same thing for my 5 year old. I/he runs his 2.25″ Small Block 8s REALLY soft and it does most terrain pretty well, great on rocks/roots etc… but as you say, pretty crap in mud. If it’s wet mud it’s OK but they’re f’ed in sticky mud. Spawn Cycles have a cool 20″ tyre, they used not to sell it in UK but now their site has a Europe option, the tyre is called the Brood Maxtion 20″. I think there’s a tyre called a Vee Crown Gem that comes in a bunch of different widths up to 2.8 – I think Commencal may spec it in 2.8 on their kids mountain bikes. Think Tredz sell that one.

    I reckon the Brood one looks the best, but it’s 40 euros. Probably good on the front with the Small Block 8 out back I’d think so the whole thing doesn’t roll too slow.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    You sometimes see Creepy Crawlers specced on kids mountain bikes, but I had those on a trials bike and they roll like bricks. Sticky as you like of course and pretty good in mud but if you’d put them on my bmx when I was a kid I’d have hated you


    Yep that brood does look good… must not get carried away!!!
    Might try the black jacks, as they are cheap, so if they don’t work so well, it’s no big deal
    I am amazed there isn’t much choice… 20” is when they really start riding
    My 5 yr old is now hitting proper single track and we’ve just done our first multi day bike packing trip… he’s totally amped for a winter of riding

    Premier Icon tommyo

    I got the black Jacks when I had exactly the same problem. Much improved over the small block 8s..
    Think I got them cheap from rosebikes or bikediscount.

    Premier Icon timoth27

    My lad has the creepy crawlers on his genesis and they are great but they are a bit draggy. Just be careful the 2” are for 20” rims but the 2.5” are for 19” rims even though they are marked as 20×2.5.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    vee do the crown gem. they arent cheap though…


    Maxxis max daddy

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