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  • Tyre choices for locations? Really?
  • dantsw13

    Not really, but I have got about 4 sets of tyres:

    Summer X Kings
    Winter Mud X/Geax Datura
    Nobby Nics
    Alps Tyres.

    I may change depending on weather.


    No. Just pedal faster or slower. Now different bikes……

    No way, with a pair of tyres costing £60 plus, I’ve got better things to waste money on.

    Depends, if I’m changeing them anyway, or topping up sealent before a big weekend away I might put some thought into it and pick somethign off the spares pile, otherwise it’s Eskar front, high roller rear on the pitch or summer (WTB bronson) or winter (spesh purgatory) on the SS.

    Premier Icon mboy

    I ride places all over the country (when funds allow) and that can mean a huge variety in terrain. Different tyres undoubtedly work better on different conditions. These days I’m more happy to take a compromise (within reason) and find a tyre that’s more of a jack of all trades than running specific tyres for different terrain, but I can see why some people do it. The tyres are the bikes only contact patch with the ground, and other than the engine, have more impact on performance than anything else offroad.

    I do use a set of dedicated mud tyres on my hardtail through the winter though, and they stay on until the trails are dry enough to warrant going back to something wider and faster.


    You know you see what tyres for location x?
    How many people actually change their tyres depending on where they ride?
    I mean I have my wets (I like swampies) for the glunge, otherwise I stick to high rollers. When they wear out I might look at soemthing else, minions maybe, but I’ve never considered changing just for location. I think I must be a tyre luddite
    But do peeps have different tyres for different locations?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Depends. It’s not so much location, as type of riding. If I know I’m doing innerleithen enduro stuff, I’ll put on something that’ll deal with everything being wet and tricky. If I’m off doing an uplift I’ll fire on something sticky and tough. It’s 10 minutes faff in teh garage to make a day’s riding better, is how I look at it- bargin.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    3 sets here. Home winter. Home dry. And the set for where there are rocks and stuff.


    I usually stick on dual ply tyres for an uplift day – apart from that I never change tyres until they wear out.


    I seem to manage fine with one set of High Roller 2.35 60a single ply without too much trouble. When the tread is on the way out, I replace them. The cheapy ones too. 😉

    b r

    When I lived down south I had tyres for many occasions, from Crossmarks to Trailrakers with many others in between.

    Now I live in Scotland I just run a different (narrower/grippier) front in winter, and an Ardent on the back all the time.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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