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  • Tyre Biting Dog – anyone overcome this?
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    *** I know there’s a lot of dog haters on this forum – so useful answers like “don’t have a dog” etc are all taken as read, move along now ***

    So I have a Aussie Shepherd – she’s 18 months old – can’t get enough of going for my tyres if we’re out for a ride. Most of the time she’s fine, running ahead. Every now and then we have a 5 minute time out whilst she goes for my tyres. She knows it’s bad, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m guessing she’s “hearding” the bike.

    Anyone gotten over this type of behaviour? How?

    Tyre biting dog + bike shop / bike holiday company pet isn’t a good mix!


    i can’t help – but you reminded me of when i was riding in NZ – i got chased by two hunters dogs and had to climb a tree to escape, the stoopid mutts took to biting my tyres until one of the tyres blew – with an almighty bang! the dogs retreated and shyed away after that and i then managed to escape ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Met a couple out walking theirs in Delamere a couple of weeks ago,a nice friendly dog,very colourful coat to,but after we had finished making a fuss of him, the first thing he did was to turn around and have a quick bite on my mates rear tyre!
    So although its of no help to you,sorry, yours doesn’t appear to be the only one with the habit. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    A dog being walked on the lead outside my office yesterday decided to try and bite the tyre of the huge HGV that drove past it.

    Poor little thing never stood a chance and got dragged in and badly squished. Owner was in hysterics. Not a pretty sight. That dog will only be biting tyres in doggy heaven now. ๐Ÿ™

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    blimey MrTall – that doesn’t sound fun!
    Mine doesn’t go for cars when she’s on a lead – not interested at all

    Just about the first thing I read after getting her was something like “….also known as ‘tyre biters’….” missed that when reading up on them before!

    She’s managed to cause one puncture, luckily outside my garage. Riding today with no pack made me a little more paranoid than usual! Maxxis EXO tyres FTW!


    You need to train the dog and stop it. Whether you use a leash, a shake bottle, coat the tyres in chili sauce, reward for not doing it. If it was a child the dog was biting, how would you go about training the dog? Or would you be like 90% of dog owners and expect it to listen while you said ‘no, no, no’ 72 times?

    She isn’t herding the bike – they don’t use their teeth to do that. She does it because you’re not stopping her.

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    Thanks TooTall – i appreciate I need to train her not to bite. Hence the post – to see if any training methods were suggested.

    Pretty sure nipping and biting is basic herding behavior for an Aussie BTW – she’s not ‘attacking’ the tyres (or children)…

    Premier Icon jam bo

    My mates collie used to do that. Bite tyre, slam head into ground, cartwheel. Repeat.

    Never managed to stop it…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Rolled up newspaper gently on the nose.


    Tried using a muzzle? , it might just be the answer and despite the fact that she hasn’t bitten anybody only your tyres it takes that possibility away. dogs can do strange things when they get excited.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Not got any ideas for a cure but can you video it and post it up please.

    There’s nothing as funny as a collie type dog that’s daft enough to chase tyres. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I know a farmer who’s dog will quite happily ride on the petrol tank of her MX bike but as soon as it jumps off it tries to bite the tyres. :mrgreen:


    I suggest you go on a course to learn how to train dogs/ join a club after 18 months you’ve exhausted your repetoire

    I would also suggest that you don’t take the dog out until you resolve the training issue as you clearly don’t have full control, what are you going to do when someone elses tires are subject to you dog’s attentions and they take exception to it?

    obviously being a dog owner you’ll ignore the second point ๐Ÿ˜‰


    There was a collie at the next door farm to us that bit tyres, my mum ended up crushing its head with a 4×4.
    Call Cesar millan.


    I’d start slow, dog on lead adjacent to bike being walked past. Try distraction, possibly with treats.

    Most important: reward only good behaviour . Dogs love your attention, being told off is better than being ignored.

    Don’t get aggressive, it won’t work. Learn to be firm without being angry.

    You have to find a way of making the dog want to leave the tyres alone…..

    Good luck!


    Isn’t the thing with dogs to reward good behaviour, rather than ‘punish’ (note small ‘p’) bad [behaviour] – on the basis that the dog won’t necessarily make the link between it’s action and a negative outcome, but it will much more reliably associate it’s action and a positive outcome (being social/pack animals and needing the security of it’s position in the pack hierarchy).

    That might well be complete and utter rubbish tho’ (either because I’ve not remembered it correctly, or because it just *is* [rubbish]). Perhaps I should also declare and interest in cats at this point, potentially rendering all dog related comments thus invalid.

    Edit: Beaten to it by 69er!
    Looks like it might be true after all as well!

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    the original post was very specific – if anyone had had this problem and managed to overcome it with some special method other than the usual stuff.

    She’s very easy to train to DO things, but training an animal NOT to do something is infinitely harder…especially if its an ingrained reaction

    And I can say that we’ve never seen another mountain biker on any ride we’ve gone on – I’m not stupid enough to take her anywhere popular – thanks for the advice though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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