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    Good Evening,

    I’m after some advice on tyres, I’m getting rather confused with the choice available and what would best suit my riding.

    I have UST rims and would like to stay with UST tubes, at the moment I am running Panaracer Fire XC Pros UST. But as these have only got a few rides left in them maybe it’s time for a change.

    I tend to ride mostly on natural trails around the Chilterns, which consists of predominantly chalky, rooty, flinty clay. I also dabble in the Peak District. I also visit various trail centres from time to time.

    I’ve looked at the Panaracer Rampage UST and Conti Mountain Kings and Queens.

    Am I in the right area for my needs? Any advice greatly recieved.



    Flint rules out Nobby Nics in my experience even the snakeskin versions. Contis black chilli compound are great but on one early set of rubber queens the sidewalls have delaminated. The second set are fine though. The rubber kings as they are now called are okay for clearing but clay will flag up anything except a true mud tyre I would have thought.
    I have also run a set of bounty mud x on the single speed over winter and they are fantastic in the clay mud but sidewalls wouldn’t stand up to much I don’t think. Not much help really but no doubt someone who has experience of where you are riding and tyres with suitable longevity and grip will be along soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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