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  • philfive

    Ok I’ve had enough of putting up with the cedric gracia am rear tyre I have due to all this mud and the fact it Shit in anything wet. So I’ve dug out a spare 2 ply High roller I have in the shed. Question is do I put it on the front and swap the single ply high roller from the front to the rear to reduce the rolling weight or just put the double ply high roller on the rear?


    Gawd know’s…can’t be difficult try and find out which works best


    How will moving a tyre from the front to the back reduce the rolling weight? Surely it will still weigh the same and rotate as fast?

    Or do you mean rolling *resistance* ?

    Either way, what nsaints said.

    Skinny tyres seem better in the mud to me, but it probably depends on where you’re riding.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    I’d run the dual ply on the front.


    My thinking is that rear wheels are heavier to start with so adding a heavy tyre makes it worse. So instead on a 1kg front and 3kg rear it should be a even 2kg and should need less effort. Could be completely wrong though.

    Premier Icon steveh

    I’d put the dual ply on the back as it’ll be harder to puncture than the single ply so you can run a lower pressure.

    Sturdier on the back wheel, fatter on the front. Or whichever way you want. Just ride the bloody thing!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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