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  • Two Wheels – Stourbridge
  • Not one to sing praises but I feel I need to mention this shop. Just a quick post to say thanks to the mechanic (Lee) at Two Wheels if you read this forum. Bought a Santa Cruz frame last year from them. All had been great, until today. Noticed play in the swingarm this morning so called in desperation for help. Within 3 hours from my call, to my drive from Derby I was up and running with a new pivot. Chuffed to bits.

    Its a brilliant little shop with friendly knowledgable staff. A real nice vibe about the place. I’ll have no hesitation in using them for my next bike.

    Cheers! 🙂

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    They are my LBS, they are good, but not quite as good as 18bikes


    They’re one of my (many) LBS too, and I agree, they are good. Sometimes.


    I drive up from London to get things done by them. But then I have known Andy for nearly 20 years…

    Two Wheels is definitely one of my favourite LBSs


    Must agree – great shop but not so local anymore since i moved tothe Lakes!

    Andy, Lee, Baz and the rest are all good guys. Great at gettig you to part with your money too 🙂 To date i think this is the full list:

    SC Blur, SC Nomad, Ridley CX, SC Heckler, Cove Hummer, SC Blur LT, SC Nomad C, SC Tallboy C (only still got that last two).

    I still treat them as my LBS although a trip to the shop is a 340 mile round trip.


    great lbs. a little shop but always very busy which is a good sign.


    This is my LBS I live about a mile away it’s a fantastic shop the guys really know there stuff I would highly recommend them !

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    The only LBS I use.

    Top lads.Know their stuff and always up for a laugh/ride/beer.
    Top deals/discounts too.

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    My fave LBS as well, though John Atkins in Leamington are very good as well.

    I’ve only recently got back into my mtb. I have started to use them of late and they are really helpful and interested. They usually have what you need too. Was in there thursday and left a few quid lighter and didn’t feel a thing !

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