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  • toys19

    Tj this is a pathetic attempt to twist my words to massage your own argument. Try harder.
    My point is that once again you jump on a thread to peddle your rubbish without a proper command if the facts. First you said that air ambulance control rooms were staffed by untrained dispatchers, I comprehensively proved you wrong so you moved the goalposts. Next you try to make my arguments mean something else by mincing my words. In truth it us you who are arrogant. You were not at swinley and are not privy to the facts as to who called 999 and how the decisions to dispatch the chopper were made. Yet you thought this was an opportune moment to pass judgement on these events to puff out your chest and blather on with your poorly founded opinions. That is arrogance. You know nothing of these incidents, and have no idea how badly the victims were injured, and you have decided to sacrifice their misfortune at the altar of your ego.


    Toys – you are laughable.

    You are the one twisting my words to try to put me down. I simply have not said what yo accuse me off. However your need to put me down at all times blinds you to any reason.

    I don't know why you feel it necessary to attack me in this way Are you that inadequate?

    Go and have a re read and see if I have done what you accuse me off. For example my first post

    TandemJeremy – Member

    …………..Who knows if it was needed here? Certainly not us nor the telephone operator. The only person who can tell is a trained person at the scene.

    who will call out the air ambulance according to parameters they have. They are not medically trained in any way nor are they making a medical asseessment

    I stand by everything I have posted – shame you seem unable to read. I did not say they had no training – I said they had no medical training and were not making a medical assessment

    Slate me for what I have done and said by all means – but why make up things?

    You are pathetic, inadequate and arrogant and I will not engage with you again.


    Yes TJ we all saw that, this is called pre-qualification and you commonly use it to cover your ass so you can go on to say whatever daily mail unspired tripe you want whilst holding up your hands and saying "what? who me?" It's as transparent as it is lame. I'm glad you won't engage with me again as hopefully it means if I enter a thread you will leave.


    Toys -Look at the order of the posts. I said medically trained before you came in with your post about them being trained. Being trained to answer calls is not the same thing as being medically trained to make medical assessments. So we are both right.

    so once again your blind arrogance leads you to a mistake.

    Please try to think and read before you jump in slagging me – you have the sequence of events reversed here hence your mistake


    chakaping – Member
    I like the jumps in the gully there, I thought they were really well built.

    They are, I pretty much learn't to jump there.
    The problem is the people who try to improve them.(and leave litter, but thats another story) The chap who originally built those jumps doesn't really build too much anymore, only ever see him knocking other peoples stuff down and maintaining some very busy trails…
    Helped a guy out with a broken collarbone this winter, he crashed on the other side of surrey hill, not the gulley, had to walk out a bit but eventually met the ranger. The ambulance service don't have a 4×4 ambulance and the current fleet are FWD, so in the summer they may get there but if wet and the ranger isn't around it's probably walk out or fly out.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Hmm. I wonder why ALL threads with TJ arguing on them end up this way..

    I think perhaps it's because TJ is not great at understanding people. So he takes words slightly the wrong way and then he jumps to the conclusion that they are idiots and wastes no time in telling them..

    Shame really – all these arguments are the result of miscommunication. I mean with both sides accusing each other of twisting their words.. that surely points to just miscommunication doesn't it?

    I suggest when you think you've been insulted or your words have been twisted, to try and work out why you think that. Is it really likely that so many people on here are wilfully trying to misrepresent you?

    Although I suspect that self-questioning isn't one of TJ's strong points either… You seems to be absolutely 100% sure that you are right all the time, and don't seem to be able to take in other people's ideas.

    I think TJ is right here, But regardless all this leads to an entertaining thread.


    Molgrips – to some extent you are right perhaps altho is at least in part my inability to explain myself and for reasons I fail to understand a small number of people like Toys like to attack me at every opportunity.

    He clearly has not understood my general point and has also made a clear mistake as in the thing over the training of the call handlers in his haste to attack me.

    I also don't drop things when perhaps I should do. I should remeber just to make my point and ignore all the vituperative nonsense from folk such as Toys

    Edit – I do qyuestion myself a lot and I only argue where I am certain. I am quite happy to admit when I am wrong or ask for clarification / explanation when needed.
    Ta shep!


    I fail to understand a small number of people like Toys like to attack me at every opportunity.

    I can recall many times recently when I have supported you, I'm only interested in shooting you down when you are wrong.


    Fair enough Toys if you have supported me on other threads. I'll apologise for that crack then. Can you change that to

    …………when I think you are wrong


    I am certain you have missed a basic point here tho in your haste to attack me and that it was rather more vituperative than really needed.


    TJ, I know some great porn sites if you need to let off some hand-steam.


    In fact I have some examples:

    TJ and others have got it right.

    and again in the above thread when I could so easily have laid into you but I thought you were right despite that fact that I thought your behaviour towards molgrips was insufferable

    Hmm TJ/Molgrips pack it in. It appears Molgrips has accepted his errors and is now graciously moving on, I don't think he needs any further beatings.


    (© TJ)

    There is a lot more but I cannot be arsed.

    So I am not really sure where you feelings of persecution come from, I only dole it out when you are off base.

    Obsessive self justification – it's boring now, please stop.


    Bunnyhop's got it in her last post – Swinley was absolutly rammed on sunday and lots of those riders are of a very "basic" standard. Therefore lots of people ride stuff beyond their abilities and have accidents.
    Jump gully's a bit lame really, but all the local kids think it's rad(!)- it keep 'em off the streets though, so we can't complain.

    TJ an' Toys, CBA reading all that sh!t! 🙄

    Premier Icon molgrips

    a small number of people like Toys like to attack me at every opportunity.

    People only have a go when you've pissed them off as a rule… Which is usually the case on here.

    He clearly has not understood my general point

    Getting a point across takes two – one to make the point and one to get it… Worth remembering!


    All this is pretty sick to me – exactly four years ago and two hours ago my wife had a serious accident which meant nine days in Southampton General and another year to recover (helmet: yes, glasses: yes – very likely saved her eye)

    The paramedics got the ambulance half a mile up a bridle path and started treatment on the spot. There was some talk of getting India Juliet out, but it would have taken about 20 minutes to get the crew out and the helicopter flying (it was mid-week), 20 minutes to get to where we were (north Hampshire) and then apparently a while to get her to Soton General from the nearest golf course to the hospital as the general doesn't have a helipad, which is crap since apparently it's the only neurological place for miles around.

    I didn't get any say in whether the helicopter was called (and I could and would willingly have afforded around £20K or £30K if it would have helped) – the paramedics made all the decisions and all was fine in the end (although this was after some pretty touch and go times and a year's worth of stress.

    Thanks to all you paramedics and hospital people – the frontline and nursing staff do a great job under crappy circumstances and I'll always be grateful for that. The rest is another story for another thread, but that's it for now – those of you who know me know the rest of the story (which is all good).

    So please now STFU and let it lie.


    and I only argue where I am certain.

    And therein lies the problem – stop to consider that the other person/s you are arguing with are equally certain that they are correct. Perhaps you are right sometimes, equally you may be wrong when you are sure you are right.

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