Tweed valley path, Inners – glentress. Open yet?

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  • Tweed valley path, Inners – glentress. Open yet?
  • mdavids

    Does anyone know if this route is open yet?

    inners to glentress
    Taking my partner to glentress for the first time tomorrow and planning on doing the green and blue but could do with a another option

    Mark N

    Not sure but if not take the old railway line by the river and then out the back of Cardrona.

    Premier Icon Prophet2

    Nope, the Glentress – Inners link isn’t open, that will be around March(ish) 2013. The cycle path between Peebles and GT however is open, it’s a good smooth surface to cycle on.

    If you want to cycle to inners use the route Mark mentioned above. Cross directly over the road at the Glentress Hotel, cycle down the path that runs alongside the field, at the end turn left down the old railway line (now a fireroad track) to Cardrona Village. Turn right at the roundabout and then left and go along the back road to Inners (3 miles approx). You can short cut a wee bit through Traquiar House, saves a few mins.


    Great cheers!!!!


    Last time I went past, the bit past the golf course was being dug up, and was pretty much impassable, but they may have sorted that by now.


    I was along that way on Saturday, the bit by the golf course has been sanatised from just below the ruined castle at GT to Cardrona village.


    The path between Inners to Howford crossing is finished do if you know where that is you can cycle from the Cardrona part on the main road for a short section before joining it.Most should be finished fairly soon. They won’t surface the bit between Howford crossing and the new bridge apparently as farmers use that bit.

    The bridge won’t be put in until early spring (End Feb time?)because of some wildlife issue (Fishing?) so you won’t be able to ride the whole thing ’till then but should be a great facility 😀

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