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    So the ball marked you rather than you marking your ball?


    Reminds me of the two chaps playing golf, one hooks the ball and it disappears into the overgrowth.
    Chap sets off to look for his ball. After 30 minutes his mate gets worried and goes looking for him.
    He is shocked to find him busy buggering a stranger.
    Mate looks round and shrugs, explaining that he found the stranger unconscious next to his golf ball so proceeded to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation , well, and one thing led to another !

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    I remember slicing a drive horrifically whilst playing at heaton park many years ago. Ball went sailing out of the park and bounced on the Manchester ring road during rush hour. I was terrified for a few seconds that I was going to hear screeching tyres. Thankfully it bounced harmlessly out of the way and I never played there again.

    And yes, I really am that crap at golf.

    RAF Marham has a golf course on the station, one of the fairways runs parallel to a section of the apron. Anyway, a few years ago I was attached from the Army to the RAF Regt and the RAF bloke I worked with fancied a random day out playing golf (I did suggest a bike ride in Thetford…). At the time Marham was hosting a bunch of German Tornados that just happened to be parked up on this stretch of apron. Suffice it to say, one or two of our more wayward shots ended up bouncing off multi-million pound combat aircraft.

    That evening, back at home, my wife (who was an Air Traffic Controller at Marham at the time) was telling me about the extremely expensive damage somebody had done to the canopy of one of the German planes, subsequently grounded, with a golf ball…


    If you put in a claim you might land nicely on the green.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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