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  • TV Sound – 2x10W OK?
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    Time for the CRT to go. Currently use my old ‘stereo’ to beef up the tinny speakers on the TV, but its a big old beast and combined with the TV is taking up too much space so is also ‘off’

    Buying a 2nd Hand TV so cannot be too fussy. Currently looking at a 5 year old Sony and the biggest negative seems to be 2x10W sound which I have seen (ref another set) described as a ‘joke’

    Will it be really poor? Will I need to spend more money on boosting the sound? If so what kind of budget options are there bearing in mind it hurts to pay £180 for a TV (that’s £120 more than I have ever paid for a TV in my life)


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    I found you get used to it pretty quickly (as long as the speakers are fairly balanced and don’t rattle at even moderate volume), when I splashed out a few years ago on a new TV it was about 6 months before I got some speakers. There is a noticeable difference though with half-decent speakers (I just use a soundbar so very far from an audiophile) so worth getting some eventually if you watch films a lot – can’t see it’s really worth it for sport/daytime TV/soaps sort of stuff.
    Not really sure what’s worth having at your budget though, best off looking for second-hand stuff and hoping it’s still working…

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    2×10? It’s all about 1×11 now!

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    will be fine for general tv but if im watching a film, i just plug the tv into the amp for my stereo

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    Just gone same route from CRT to 39 inch Panasonic…couldn’t take the thin sound so plumped for an LG 9530 soundbar with wireless sub. £189 and sounds utterly brilliantl for the money, USB wireless and Bluetooth connectivity too…recommended.

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