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  • TV Network at home
  • mk1fan

    Second one from me today.

    Can’t find the thread (I think) I read last week where number and types of outlets were listed.

    Got to redo the home network due to poor install workmanship and poor requirement choices.

    I don’t have Sky at the moment but I wouldn’t like to exclude it later. I’m certainly not going to accept surface mount of cables if I do decide to get it. Access for cable runs and making chases is available.

    Can someone confirm (or correct me) that I need the following –

    At the ‘main’ TV point;
    A quadplex.
    A return aerial point (F-type).
    A secondary phone socket.
    Some data points – probably 4 as I’ll just fit another twin back box.

    At the ‘secondary’ TV points;
    The above minus the return socket.

    Or should I just make all the points the same as the ‘Main’?


    At the TV Main point we have one similar to this:

    I don’t see the point of adding returns to any other location. If you have a media server with TV tuners then add a return there.

    We used CT100 cabling throughout, along with a StarBox splitter/booster, it’s damn good! Also added Cat6 LAN cables and sockets. Two in each room and still a few things have to run off WiFi. 😯 Well worth doing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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