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  • Turning an old MTB into a road bike for not much money
  • TooTall

    Buy cheap / 2nd hand components, put slick tyres on it, build it up, ride it.


    I’m fairly sure I’ve got a couple of new rear derailieurs that I dropped into the recycling over the weekend that are 8/9 speed and a cassette too (screw on)
    Might even be some brakes
    Pint for postage and its all yours.


    Cantis brakes, cheapo 8 speed sti set, whatever mechs and gears you can scrounge, slicks and whatever wheels you can find. Should be able to squeeze 26.0mm bars into that stem.


    So, I have this old frame

    I’ve had my acl rebuilt 6 months ago and have been riding my zaskar about the place but was thinking of rebuilding this one into an actual bike. It’s ancient and I have no idea if it’s even possible. It’s got a quill stem, it’s a 1” one I think, the bottom bracket is a square thing and Im not sure of the size. So, suggestions on how to rebuild it for as cheap as possible please 😀

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    Get a quil converter for £6 off eBay and use whatever stem and bars you like.
    I’m doing the same thing with an old frame and forks.
    It’s going to be a gravel bike of sorts


    You won’t get 700c wheels in there so your stuck with 26″ers. Nothing wrong with that they roll well enough with slicks. Unless I had a good parts bin or mates with stuff I could scrounge, I’m not sure I’d bother. Even getting stuff on here or ebay its amazing how the cost adds up. There’s perfectly usable s/h road bikes out there sub £100.

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    As above ?. Unless you have most of the parts already, id suggest looking on ebay for a cheap complete 700c road bike. Once you factor in all the odds and ends like grips, cables, tyres/tubes it really wouldn’t be worth the hastle in my opinion…
    But that just me. Best of luck if you do decide to get it up and running.


    That frame’ll make a nice touring bike


    As above, unless you have a parts bin full of oddments it’s not worth it to be honest. I priced it up myself recently and bought a Kona Dew from Wiggle instead.

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    Doing the same with an old RM frame. What rigid fork for disc brakes? Got wheels & brakes but want to drop the heavy, cheap forks.


    If it’s the right size for you with flat bars, it won’t be the right size for you with drops. A parts bin special with slicks would work but from experience of building up a commuter the costs mount quickly if you have to buy much.


    You can fit 700cc in there easy. It will be the brakes where you need to get creative. Mavic used to do a canti boss converter, but easier will probably be somecdual pivots. Might need long drop dual pivots. Bar wise you are best off with some narrow flats and bar ends. Add aero bars if you need some more aeroness.

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    It can be done, but be careful. You could end up with some kind of monster.


    If you haven’t already got the parts (wheels, chains, gears etc,.) then as others have said, I wouldn’t bother and just buy a second hand bike for £100.

    Cheaper to buy a used hybrid or road bike imo.

    I repurposed a vgc M-Trax MTB for road use (no drops as yet) and even with the whole bike to begin with I spent another 200+ just to put some lighter wheels, tyres and winter kit on it. Really happy with the result, don’t get me wrong – but starting from a frame and forks is never going to be as cheap as you’d think.

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