Turner RFX should I buy one?

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  • Turner RFX should I buy one?
  • As above, been riding Turner bikes for years currently have a Burner with a 160 fork. No complaints but got the new frame itch.
    Anyone seen a deal on a medium? Theres a local shop selling an ex demo but its XL 😥

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    I’m in the same boat. I’m watching with interest. 🙂


    I enjoyed riding mine while I had it.

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    Turner. God, I remember them. They still around then?
    There was a time you couldn’t move on the trails for 5 Spots.


    Care to share more Onzadog, I remember you had one – what happened to it?


    On the MTBR Turner forum there was chatter about Turner struggling and laying off staff.

    No idea if there is any truth in it.

    I have had mine for over a year now and I can’t see myself getting anything else for a long time. You read the chatter about how bikes climb like a goat and descent like…….. 8) whatever. The RFX does all that for me and more.

    Just swapped the shock out for a Fox Float X2 as I hated the wooden feel of the Monarch. So far loving it.

    There are 4 people I ride with who have them and they have been faultless. BUT you may want to have a further chat with Onzadog for a different view.

    Ace bikes in my opinion. Saying that there is not a chance I would pay 3 grand for a frame.

    Thanks for the info so far……….. No chance I would splash 3k on a frame either. HAve been keeping an eye on the classifieds, ebay, pink bike etc. Seen the occasional large and XL but no mediums.

    Onza could you expand on why you moved yours on? PM me if you would prefer not to put it on this post?

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    I adore mine now I swapped the rubbish Monarch shock for a DVO.

    It’s a large and is totally pimped out w/SixC carbon cranks, XX1, DVO forks/shock etc. I ride it only for special occasions lol.

    Taking it to Moab in April and then selling it in May to fund a business. It will be for sale then if anybody is interested in keeping in touch.


    Going sort of off-topic I had 2 HL 5 Spot models and then the DW Link version. One of my HL’s was built up using a DHX Coil shock and coil Fox forks and it was the best handling bike I ever had. It soaked anything up and even the weight didn’t bother me as it was so stable and sure footed. The DW Link rode totally different but still sweet with great geometry and as soon as the RFX was talked about I thought I should try one and hopefully if it was good I’d get one. Sadly I never got to try one and it seems like everyone just gets a Santa Cruz these days. I do hope Turner survive and keep going.

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    My 1999 RFX only lasted 16 years. If the new ones as well made you’re onto a winner I’d say.


    My 1999 RFX only lasted 16 years

    Ha, mine too. Bought in 2000 for the ridiculous price of £1950, but worth every penny. Only retired it last year, it was still going strong. Hung up on the wall now as I couldn’t sell it for what I’d get.


    as I couldn’t sell it for what I’d get

    you probably could…

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