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  • Turner flux Large frame 2010!
  • Turner flux Large black with poished rear swing arm,
    rp23 shox 100mm of travel, DW link,
    been hellitape from new, have just re-hellitape it up! So it looks mint!!!
    All bush’s have been stripped and serivced and regressed by myself, Cytech level 2 mechianic.

    well looked after!

    Pic’s >> http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/1471370/

    £500.00 posted

    Any questions fire away!

    Cheers Russ


    I Have seen this frame and it does indeed look mint.

    The taco between the toptube and the seatpost has the extra weld that they put on to strengthen the joint as some of the 2009 ones cracked here.

    There is also the reinforcement above the bottom bracket that they put on for the 2010 model as this was another potential crack point on the 2009s.

    I have a large Flux myself so if anyone wants to check it for sizing and live near Woking/Swinley/Surrey Hills then contact me.

    Brilliant bike – very direct pedaling action with no bobbing (never use pro-pedal). Got two Fluxes – one for XC and the other as ‘trail-light’ with wider bars, etc.

    See this thread for other opinions :



    Hmm, Turner size guide would put me just on a large Flux. (179cm tall) If you don’t mind me asking, what height are you and what length stem do you use TG?

    And two questions for Russ –
    Why is the rear triangle polished?
    Do you have the inserts for the rear brake mount? (They’re not shown in the photos)



    I am 5ft 10, which is 178cm.

    In 2009 the size chart had the medium cut off at 5ft 10, large starting at 5ft 11.

    But that was with a 110, or maybe 100mm stem as standard.

    I use an 85mm stem on the large, with uncut Easton Haven alloy bars, which seems a good fit and it is more stable than the medium which has narrow, XC, bars.

    I think if you are slightly taller than me then a medium would definitely be too small unless you are planning on wide bars with a 110mm stem!

    The changeover to painted rear triangles was 2010 but I think I found a link where it was an option to still have the polished rear triangle.

    I think this frame is also worth $600 dollars trade in against a new Turner as well, with the Turner-4-Turner program – although you have to go straight to Turner US for that. I queried it regarding my 2009 flux, which hasn’t got the beefed up bits on.

    Thanks TG

    Right I have the brake mounts fixxings and for the rear triangle being polished, that’s how its always been so i believe TG is on to some thing there! I’ve had it well over a year now! So sweet to ride up and down! Shame to sell really.

    Cheers Russell


    Hi Russ. I’m interested in the frame if Tim passes. Let me know.



    Well I dunno if tim wants the frame, he not said he does!?! So on that note I’ve emailed you mark

    Cheers Russell


    Hi guys,

    I’m interested, but can’t commit right now – so no problems if Mark wants it right away.

    Still for sale….


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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