Turner Burner with Pikes…..150 or 160mm

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  • Turner Burner with Pikes…..150 or 160mm
  • Anyone running pikes on a Burner? About to buy a set but cant decide if the extra 10mm of travel is worth the extra 30 euros. I am thinking the slight extra height at the front will lift the BB and slacken the head angle a little so thats ok by me.
    Anyone got any real world experience?

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    I rode mine with 150mm forks (these!) and it felt well balanced and never out of sorts on all trails from undulating, flowy to steep and loose. It even climbed it all really well, too without feeling light on the front on all but steepest climbs (even then I can’t say I remember any problems).

    10mm is unlikely to make that much difference – I’d only do it if you’re riding steeps descents and don’t care for losing climbing stability too much.

    EDIT: Sorry just noticed you ask about Pikes specifically – don’t know how Fox compare length-wise.


    I have 150 pikes on my burner,only problem is they show the rear shock up!i also have a 160mm air shaft but have yet to install it.I may get a new rear shock to match the front,monarch or a db inline!

    Yes the shock is OK but not superb, would love a CCDB when funds allow.
    Had 150 Pikes on my 5 Spot, they replaced fox 32 150`s I thought the pikes were in another league compared with the previous fox forks. Agree that they made the bike feel like the front was more in tune with the rear suspension wise.
    Live / ride in lakes so ride whats local. Steep n rocky is all good. 😀

    Cheers Jimmy I had some fox 34s on it but they didnt feel as good as the Pikes on my 5 spot, felt they were holding the bike back a bit, just got to order some Pikes im erring towards the 160s.

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    Go for it, I reckon the Lakes could handle 160mm 🙂

    OK sorted the 160`s arrived today, will give feed back on the ride if anyone is interested?

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