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  • pedro69

    Large 5 spot frame silver large with Fox RP3. 2004 ish vintage. Bought second hand from Mark at Ciclo Montana.Originally had a Romic shock, but that was swapped out many moons ago.

    Frame is old, scuffed and a little bit baggy feeling, but should build up OK or be useful for spares. If you can collect form oxfordshire 100 quid, if we need to post probably 110 quid

    Email pwarwickATmacdermidDOTcom for piccies

    Hi emailed interested pending pics

    if the frame isn’t bent, that is a silly good deal.

    you can chuck on a kashima rp23, put some new journal bearings in, get the frame and rear triangle stripped and powder-coated and you will have an awesome horst-link flyer.

    i did it quite recently with a frame of the same vintage and this was the result:-

    … oh, and i paid a chunk more than £110 for the frame!


    It is nt bent for sure.

    I guess it is a good dealjudging by the number of emails I ve had, but I’d rather sell it and let someone else have some fun riding it. Its been sat in the garage doing nothing for ages.


    is it sold?

    Hi did you send pics out yet?


    Campfreddie, a bit OT but where did you get your frame powdercoated? and how much was it? may be looking to get it done to my frame.



    Campfreddie, that’s a very nice looking bike!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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