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  • Zedsdead

    Flew a lot in one of these back in the day – noise and the smell of puke was bad enough that we used to get out half way

    What a fantastic photo!


    Turboprops – whose flown on one?

    Why do you ask?

    Smudger, Trenchard Lines, perhaps?


    Flown a few times from London City Airport (Docklands)
    Was very quiet with a roller coaster type Take off and landing experience
    at the London City Airport 😉

    Premier Icon richmars

    I didn’t notice the plane much here, distracted by other things:

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    ATP about 1987, Manchester to Jersey. Made in Woodford.
    They did have a few landing problems a few years down the line, as in landing without the front gear, so coming to a horrible standstill with many sparks a flying.

    A bit bumpy but fun all the same


    One of these

    It was alright, just noisy and slow


    Yeah, I’ve flown in quite a few. They’re just a normal plane until the weather gets bad. Then it can be a funny experience. Not because they’re a turboprop but because they’re so small. Flying up to Aberdeen one time it was like being on a roller coaster, terrifying. The attendant dealing out the sick bags had one of those trys you used to see in old cinemas round her neck.

    Plus when it’s windy you can feel one rotor grab the air a lot better than the other and the plane will crab sideways.

    Landing at Jersey in heavy wind is an experience too. After the plane was on the runway and we were making a very sharp and fast turn, the pilot comes on the intercom and says ‘and if you look to your right you’ll see the plane that didn’t make this turn last week’ and sure enough, there was an identical plane to ours wrapped up in the perimeter fence.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Flew on a Dornier 328 once. 3 passengers in total, so outnumbered by the crew. They made us all sit near the wings for take-off and landing, but we could sit anywhere else for the rest of the flight. Was rather windy iirc.

    Pretty sure i’ve been on Fokker 50 too. KLM always used to give me the seat under the wing 👿 where there’s no place for a 6ft2 person to stand, and the overhead locker is about the size of a letterbox.

    Prefer the Embraer regional jets… with 1+2 seating, choose the correct row, seat A, and you get bonus leg room, window+aisle seat all in one 🙂

    Premier Icon steveh

    Lots and regularly for me over the years. Currently Fly Dash planes Manchester to Hannover. Before that South African Airways Johannesburg to Swaziland, not sure what they were but only 18 seats. Then at other times BMI flights on other stuff as well.

    They’re pretty noisy and it’s harder to get away from the noise than in a jet. As mentioned they also suffer more in wind too.


    Been on the Aurigny ATRs before, and spent a bit of time on REx SAABs down here in Oz. Sure they seem a bit noisier, and are smaller etc, but no real problems.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Richmars, Lukla to Kathmandu?, Twin Otter? That must be a pretty old pic. When I was there in 2002 it was tarmacced (thank god). Even so, the landing was eventful.

    Premier Icon richmars

    Johnny P
    Yes, 1992, (didn’t realise it was that old!). Landing like a controlled crash, take-off like a fair ground ride.

    Heather Bash

    It’s just a plane. Better not to dwell on whatever technology is preventing it from plummeting to earth.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    I flew in one with TransCongo Airlines a couple of years ago, Brazzaville to Point Noire. I actually felt a helluva lot safer than my collegues who had to fly in a rusty 727 the night before….

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Dash8, Beech 200 King Air….why do you ask?


    Aurigny Tri-Landers are fun, especially when the landing in cross winds and the Pilot has to look over his shoulder to see the Runway…

    ahhhh, one just taken off now.

    loudest air craft that takes off from Guernsey!

    Twin Otter landing and taking off in Saba was an experience…


    Premier Icon Smudger666


    nope – Brize/aldershot/various other places. never heard of trenchard lines till I googled it – I was out by 93.


    I Toured to Shetland once with loganair or whatever they are called these days. The Nose wheel fell off at Glasgow and cast were put on a second plane. On arrival in shetland the airport had been struck by lightning and the runway lights were out. They had to circle until the generator/back up system relit the runway.

    Then one of cast went through a fire door by mistake and caused a security incident.


    Ah the good old days of flying in the Hercules I will never forget chasing landrovers by Goose green in the Falklands ( you had to be on the flight deck to believe it) Crazy Days 😯

    I used to ride in pilatus porters, the flight was cold and windy when someone opened the door 2.5 miles up.


    AF are now code-sharing with Flybe from Manchester to Paris so I get to fly in Flybe’s small turboprop from time to time. It’s okay, quite nice really.

    Last Saturday they lost my suitcase though.


    The Nose wheel fell off at Glasgow and cast were put on a second plane.

    Logan is part of Flybe..

    landed at Edinburgh from Southampton on a flybe Dash 8 and we had to be towed off the end runway as the plane lost nose wheel control… doh!

    flown on lots of turboprops but never on a piston engined prop plane.. DC-3 would be cool to go on

    Premier Icon ransos

    A couple of times…

    Flew up to Mt Cook in New Zealand in a tiny 4 seater. I jumped out of that one.

    The flight from La Paz to the Bolivian jungle scrapes over the high Andes and lands on a dirt strip. That was an interesting experience…

    Premier Icon kimbers


    to look at these

    was awesome after about 45mins of staring at the ground as the pilot banked us round and round looking at lines on the ground it was a major effort not to empty the contents of my stomach!

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Regularly used to crawl between Hannover and Manchester on an ATP. Hugely enlivened once when an engine went out just as they brought round lunch. We did come did quick! The Captain said that he’d rather do those sort of acrobatics in a turboprop than a jet, but I can’t remember why now.


    Worst flight i ever had was in a Herc, 9 hours from Belfast to Cyprus, overnight stop then 8 hours from Cyprus to Nairobi the following day. Bored doesn’t even begin to describe it.


    Been in plenty, mostly F50s to Holland and Belgium but lots of Islanders out to Islay when I was a kid and a particularly long and uppy downy flight to Shetland when we had to stay below the clods due to storms half way there. Did get to go in a Herc when I was little, visiting uncle in Darwin where he was RAAF base commander so we flew Cathay to Hong Kong and he had us collected there in a C130, I loved it but I was only 9 full helmet and MAE West distinctly remember parents hated it and made us fly to Sydney for a “proper” flight back to uk. I think I’d side with my dad on the Herc flight now tbh.

    No real problem had plenty of hairy moments in jets only disconcerting thing with some turbos is when just after taking off they throttle right back and the plane goes so quiet for a moment you think the engines have stopped but never had one fall out of the sky while I’ve been on them and I have a couple of million miles between flying blue, miles and more and admiral’s club.

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