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  • Boba Fatt

    Gave up the gym today, looked at my attendance over the last two months and it was 1 day for 30 minutes. I think it’s official, i hate the place. I only use the bike then do some weights while the grunting beasts stare at me for being fat.

    So I was thinking of getting a turbo trainer for the garage. Nothing expensive, in fact looking at this:

    Anybody have any experience or other recommendations?


    Read this. Lot’s of recommendations and options within.

    Zwift, my journey, my weight and my fitness.


    If you want something you might actually want to spend some time on then have a proper look at Zwift and what you might need. Is a bit of a revolution in the world of indoor riding. Cheapest turbo that works well with Zwift (i.e. simulates the terrain a bit) is the Tacx Flow T2240 from Halfords (190 quid without any discounts.)

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    I got a tacx blue motion from decathlon which is pretty basic, and it was bob on for trainerroad (£10 a month training program). So I reckon that cheap one would be OK, too. Depends what you want to do with it.

    Saying that, mine has deteriorated these last few months (feels like it’s drifting a lot) so I need to change my setup, but it was fine for a couple of years.

    If you ae lacking the motivation to go to a gym I don’t think you’re going to have the motivation to shut yourself in a cold garage to sit on a turbo trainer staring at the wall for 45 mins to 1 hr. Get some visual stimulation such as Zwift, Trainerroad, Sufferfest or even something like the GCN training YouTube vids- also have a good reason for being there.

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    I have a tacx blue motion used 10 times in the shed really good for training but the gym is 600 yards from my house so use the spin classes or bikes so never really used at all, so will be for sale.

    It’s boring on a turbo.

    You’ll look at your watch expecting it to say 45 minutes and it’ll break your heart when you read 16…

    As above, use distractions, even if it’s only iPlayer otherwise it’ll just be another unused thing cluttering up your garage.

    I have a friend who has just bought the Tacx Halfords bobbie and he’s getting on with it really well.

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    Turbo time isn’t boring if you’re doing it properly. I’m too busy trying not to vomit to worry about the time when I use mine.

    Boba Fatt

    My motivation for going to the gym is not to do with not wanting to go, it’s just so damn difficult finding the time with the shifts I work and my wife work and the little one.

    I have more chance locking myself in the garage for an hour than going down to the gym. Also, I’m horrendously self conscious.

    I plan to watch some tv and films on my tablet, it’s purely a bit of cardio, I don’t want virtual rides through the alps or anything.

    Get rollers, turbos suck big time.

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