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  • cste

    Hi all.

    I’m thinking of buying a turbo trainer as i just don’t get the miles in due to work and family commitments, so when i do get on the trials my legs and lungs don’t last long!

    Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or reviews of trainers before buying?



    Ive just bought this one

    Theres an extra 20% off as well which probably makes it a bit of a bargain. I say probably as I have nothing to compare it to being my only turbo trainer.

    It has enough resistance to give you a decent work out, easy to set up and very stable, its a little noisy but not too bad.

    You’ll also be needing a slick tyre for a smoother ride and a mop for the sweat.

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    I got Mrs S and Elite one from ebay last year for about £40 and pick up. Nothing fancy, just a resistance roller, old skool. She really likes it and it’s done great things for a her training.

    Sine the rear wheel is raised, I gather you should raise thr front one too to maintain the bikes geometry for your body position as much as anything. Until this evening Mrs S just use a roll of gaffer tape under the front wheel. Now she has a posh Stonermatic Wheel Lifter

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    I use a brick as a wheel raiser. Quality…

    Seems to me, that about 90% of mamils have a turbo trainer in the shed which they’ll never use again. Putting out a shout in the classifieds might get one of them to admit this 😉


    I got one of these as it works with knobby tyres, or rather the friction device runs on the rim. Ideally it needs something like a stans 355 rim that has a breaking surface but it seems to work with most wheels.

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