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  • Turbo trainer advice??
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    Having smashed my wrist to pieces at a race the other weekend, I need a way to keep the legs spinning in the hope I can at least salvage part of the season. So I am going to get a turbo trainer.

    I'm on a bit of a budget as I don't really want to psend more than £160 on it as I need to buy a bike for it also (unless they do them with 12mm bolt thru's).

    So what type is best, fan, magnetic, with or without shifter?
    Did I need a turbo tyre? and a front wheel stand?

    Any advice will be helpful

    Premier Icon pealy
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    I'm really no expert but my experiences with a standard road tyre were never great so I'd look at a specific tyre if I were you.

    A wheel stand is just to keep the bars from turning and to keep the bike level – I made one by putting a groove in an old piece of wood.

    I found the variable resistance on mine to be great for a bit of interval training (and to keep it interesting )so I'd recommend that too. Using a turbo trainer can be mighty boring so positioning it in front of MTV can be useful.

    Also – I found I got very, very hot and had to buy a big fan which sits on the floor and angles upwards to keep you cool (got mine from B&Q).

    I'm selling mine on here as, a bit like you, it was really useful for a while but I just never use it any more. You might want to think about getting something popular which you can sell on easily when your wrist has healed.


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    Can recommend downloading The Sufferfest "Downward Spiral" interval video. Surprisingly motivating'

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    Thanks for the advice.

    Not thoguht about getting a popular one for resale, that could save me a small fortune.

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    Highly recommend a rim drive rather than one that sits on the tire if you can afford it. Not as prone to the horrible lag in the pedal stroke that you get with the cheaper kind, much quieter and doesn't shred tires.

    And you can use a yellow pages for the wheel stand.

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    Ouch! I hope you heal well.

    I'm no expert on turbos, but when it comes to breaking wrists i can hold my own!!!! 😉

    I've always just used a standard TAXX fan turbo with my normal road tyre on my road bike or a Hutchison Pirhana (knobbly but not too much) on my MTB, and a block of wood under the front wheel. Never had any problems.

    PS – I rode virtually the whole of the 2008 TDF on my turbo, on the patio, in the blazing shade watching the TV action.

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    I posted a similar thread last week and got some good advice here, along with the usual "turbo trainer will bore you to death" remarks 🙂

    That decathlon link seems a good price…

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