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    I had my second ever ride at Tunnel Hill tonight. Last time was a year ago and I found most of the main trails by chance and eagle eyes! This time I went armed with Strava to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I started at the canal cafe and lost my sense direction immediately, unlike last time! Found the bombhole right at the start completely by chance which was a nice surprise. Then a few blasts on 7/11, P45, Tight like a tiger, fire in the can, several times. So far so good.

    But on the other side, trying to follow the Gorrick route, Strava went really AWOL. First the dot was all over the place. Then when I was totally lost, it disappeared completely! Very odd. Still fun ride especially finding the fun natural trench bits (with the sneaky hill 3/4 way round!) but got lost completely in the second set of trenches. So really odd that Strava disappeared. Has this happened to others?

    The other odd thing in “explore” was that trails appeared then disappeared. After the first section of trenches, the Gorrick route disappeared completely. Then it was total hit and miss. Admittedly I am not a regular Strava user, but makes me wonder how it works accurately after my experience today. Next time I will go back to following my nose and using my eyes!!!!

    (saw a whyte t129 in the flesh for the first time – very nice looking bike)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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