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  • Tuna steak and ….? you decide
  • got 2 great tuna steaks – what shall i do with em? and what shall i have with em?

    Premier Icon ton

    mix some beer batter
    boil em in some crisp n dry
    do some big chips
    tin of mushy


    or oven roast veg
    long grain brown rice
    griddled tuna steak. 8)


    make a soy / chilli / honey / ginger glaize – marinate 1 hr then griddle add to bed of udon noodles – delish


    Asparagus and Roast/Mashed potatoes. Peppercorn sauce (yes seriously – unless you really don’t like it)

    jon is winning so far


    Heat a pan up for ages.

    Rub some olive oil in them, sea/rock salt, black pepper, a smidge of sesame oil.

    Give ’em 2mins on each side, and defumigate the house.


    If you have a cajun spice mix cover them liberally in it and griddle. Serve with garlic fries, mayo, and corn on the cob.

    (for garlic fries crush 3 cloves of garlic, fry in oil and remove with strainer when the garlic starts to brown. The fry really thinly cut chips in the garlic oil)

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    roasted garlic veg and couscous

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Sounds random, but coat them in parmesan cheese and pan-fry them. Great, but cleaning the pan afterwards is a pain…

    Grill/fry/George Foreman them until just cooked, then use as a burger to make a big cheeseburger, with all your favourite bits on.


    Almost cooked is too cooked. Tuna only works (IMO) if left rare. Or used in sushi.

    How about cooking it, shredding it, then having it on a baked potato?

    Going with grilled asparagus, spinach and rocket salad, sauteed potatoes, tuna with chilli, salt and peper, cumin seeds

    “Mercury may be detoxified by a sulphation/methylation process that involves B6, B12, folic acid and zinc”.

    your point being….?


    I think good tuna is best seared in a very hot pan with basic seasoning and a bit of spice (nutmeg, chilli, paprika, etc.) left to settle and served warm with a salad and a bit of balsamic vinegar – maybe a couple of boiled potoatoes if you’re hungry

    Is it chef’s day off?

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