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  • I have a set of 5.1s and find that they are really hard to fit any tyre to.

    Mine have tubeless rims strips in but I don’t use them tubeless. I don’t know if its a shallower well or a rim that is slightly large in diameter but for sure they are the hardest rims to fit tyres to I have uses.

    Mavics and ryno lytes on other bikes I have are much easier

    Hi TJ how you doing?

    Got the Nobby Nics off the bear and he says he can get them on and off Mavic UST rims easy.

    I can get ordinary Nics mounted easily but these UST’s wont go.

    By the way, me Debs and the kids are coming up last 2 weeks in August, staying at Laggan so will have to meet up again.

    No mad chinese women, though.

    Hi DB – I dunno if I will be there. We are supposed to be in the alps that week but might return a couple of days early to join up with yu. Depends on flights and stuff

    AW Shucks, you’d leave the Alps just for me.

    Seriously though it would be good to see you, if not then I’m sure we can fit in another visit to the Burgh.

    Now, back to the point – what UST’s will fit on these bloody rims?

    Mate gave me some UST Nobby Nics so, having DT5.1 rims, I stumped up the cash and bought DT tubeless kits to convert.

    Spent the better part of yesterday trying to get the Nobby Nics on and they just wont go.

    Doing the usual bead in the middle, stretching tyre round towards the valve.

    Managed to get one side over with this method but could not get the other side on.

    Unfortunately couldn’t get the installed side off to abort the mission and ended up having to cut it off (glad it was a freebie)

    Googling indicates that DT5.1 and some UST tyres (Nics are named) wont go.

    So can anyone recommend UST tyres which do fit on coverted 5.1’s.

    Thanks in advance.


    My bontrager Jones XR Tubeless ready tyres will. And theyre cheap 🙂

    E-mail if your interested.

    Beans – we are going to the Alps on a freebie with my family – an excuse to leave early would be most welcome. 9 days with my entire family and there might be blood on the carpet

    Cheers but no thanks ttf,

    Not been on Bonty tyres.

    I was thinking of converting mine. I was put off when realised it was £32 per rim. Hardly a bargain is it? Glad I read this though, because I’ve been checking ebay for some cheaper(nothing there at the moment), didn’t realise there were tyre issues.

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