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  • Tubeless with Hope Pro3 SP-XC3 Crest Rims
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    I’m going to treat myself to some fancy wheels & want to try tubeless. Does anyone know what I need to add to a set of Hope Pro3 SP-XC3s with Crest rims? Rim sealing strips, valves & sealant?



    Really you should just need yellow tape, valves and sealant.

    Rim strips are for non-stans rims.

    I have seen rim strips add to stans rims to help with the sealing however.

    But presumably you are going for crest so you want light weight ?

    So you should go for yellow tape.

    I had some problems getting my Olympics to seal with yellow tape so I put on a second layer which seemed to help.

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    Thanks, you have saved me getting mixed up between rim strips & yellow tape.

    Yellow tape and valves only on crest rims. rim strips are not needed.

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