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  • Tubeless; What am I doing wrong?
  • ding in the rim?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    All running at 40-50psi


    I’m the same weight as you and never run more than 30psi!

    Can’t imagine what you might be doing wrong but do you spend your entire rides slamming wheels into kerbs?

    Premier Icon njee20

    You’re pinch flatting tubeless tyres at 50psi?

    Did you miss the 1 off the front of your weight!? 😯

    Premier Icon tthew

    40 to 50 psi seems an awful lot for tubeless is the only thing that stands out for me from your post.


    I’m a fair bit heavier than you and run 20 front, 25 rear. I’m not a smooth rider. I have few issues… Something else is wrong. It sounds like maybe you have something in/on the rim damaging the sidewalls.


    I am 118kg, run my tubeless at 30 psi and have never had a problem with side walls. The only “puncture” I’ve had in two years was a rock slicing a Rocket Ron open on the outside of the tyre.

    Sounds like there is something else going on to me. +1 for the rim having a problem.

    Chris 🙂


    I can’t think of anything that would help other than the fact that I can’t get on with toobless !

    I don’t know what it is but I just can’t be arsed with it ?
    Tried it 10 years ago
    Tried again 5 years ago and I know things have evolved but both the rims & tyres are still round and so is the innertube, it just makes more sense to me than piss arsing around with something that’s not working for me, I know it works for others and that I’m not doing something right but I don’t care.

    I’m assuming you have tried 35 – under 40 psi ?
    Because what you have been running must be spitting you about all over ? Are you riding some where that’s got a lot of square edges ?

    I did say I wasn’t gonna be much help, other than stick with Tubes, its the new lets not do this movement I’ve just joined !


    ding in the rim?

    It sounds like maybe you have something in/on the rim damaging the sidewalls.

    Nope, definately pinching. The sidewall nick always lines up with the hole in the tread…

    It generally happens on tracks with lots of loose rocks (we have an awful lot of those round here), and I reckon what’s happening is the front wheel is rolling over a flat-ish rock, flipping it up, and the rear tyre hits it just as it’s on edge, or worse angled back where it can dig in and ‘pole-vault’ the back wheel.


    I did the exact same thing this weekend although neither holes sealed themselves. I have many dings in my second hand rims. When I went to use the bike I noticed that the rear tyre was nearly flat but I didn’t think too much of it as they loose pressure over the week anyway but this time it was more than usual. I pumped it up and thought i’ll monitor it through the ride but wht I suspect happened was that I lost pressure throughout the ride although I put a lot of PSI in to begin with and then I pinch flatted. First time it has happened to me. I think I will take the tyre off and gently tap the dings out with a hammer & a bit of wooden dowl.


    Rumour has it that tubeless tyres are much more pinch-resistant than tyre with inner tubes… So why is it that I can go for months without a pinch flat on a tubed tyre, but my recent experiments with tubeless have written-off a steady stream of tyres in fairly short order? :-/

    I’ve totaled a 2.1 Maxxis Minion LUST, a 2.1 Maxxis Advantage LUST, and last night a 2.25 Smorgasbord. All running at 40-50psi. Each time the hole in the tread seals ok, but there’s a second hole in the sidewall, hard against the bead, which will only seal enough get home, no more.

    Bike = On One 456 with Rohloff hub, XM819 rim and Thudbuster seat post, rider 88kg. Am I just clumsy?

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    LUSTs are quite fragile in my experience. All the same, you are running VERY high pressures for a tubeless setup and you might have more success with a more sensible amount of air in there.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Where are you riding?

    I have used some johnny-thin tyres that would barely seal (Conti speedkings in their racing slim weight) and never had a pinch.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Pinch-flatting a tubeless tyre is very rare IME – I’ve done it on HTs once in a while but only when getting stuff badly wrong and crashing the rear into the ground, the cause has always been v obvious.

    Don’t know how high presure would relate to pinch-flatting, but I’d drop the rear to 35 max (and front lower) on general principle.


    Very strange…

    I’m a big tubeless fan but that’s Stans rather than Mavic UST.

    Aren’t XM819 quite narrow and have relatively tall rim walls? That, together with small volume tyres might both be contributory factors. (2.1″ Minion must be miniscule)
    Also, I’d agree with Stevomcd, LUST are paper-thin. I’d always go with dual ply on the rear for rocky stuff.


    I’m 95kg and use XM819’s tubeless. I’ve had no issues with pinch flats. I did rip the nobbles of an old mud x in the rock garden at Bedgebury when I ran too low pressures (20psi)

    Rumour has it that tubeless tyres are much more pinch-resistant than tyre with inner tubes… So why is it that I can go for months without a pinch flat on a tubed tyre, but my recent experiments with tubeless have written-off a steady stream of tyres in fairly short order? :-/

    That’s it,the god of tubeless hates you,it’s the only answer.I suggest sacrificing all your inner tubes and normal tyres on a bonfire,then getting mindlessly drunk,that’s what I did anyway.


    Do you spend your whole time seated? Irrespective of thud buster, if your full weight is on the saddle, then pinch flats will be much more likely.

    As above with the air pressure, rule of thumb is divide your riding weight in lbs by 7 and +1 rear, -1 front. Which would give you 29psi rear and 27psi front.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    If it’s any consolation my first tubeless experiences have not been good, with 3 rides ruined due to the tyres not retaining air. Split sidewalls, torn knobbles and who knows what else. I’m trying new tyres now, but if this doesn’t sort it I’ll be back to tubes.


    That pressure is pushing the boundaries of what is safe for a tubless setup as the is no innertube pressing on the bead so you are likely to blow the tyre off the rim!

    I run 20/22psi fr/rr and can ding the rims all I want (If I ride like a tit) with no issue. Hell I never ran that with tubes tyres, you must be bouncing off every rock and ledge!!!

    I suggest trying a Schwlabe in a snakeskin variety, they seal fantastically and the side walls are great for sharp rocks (I used to trash tyres all the time on the flint here) it also lends so rigidity to the tyre at lower pressures.

    I was a late convert to tubless but would never give them up now, some of the gashes and holes they have sealed up has been amazing.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I don’t think it’s a tubeless issue… I mean, even if your tubeless setup was preventing the pinches, you’d still maul your rims in double fast time! I weight a bit less than you but my normal pressures are 20-25 depending on the tyre size and pinching’s just not an issue on the roughest of trails. Again nothing to do with tubeless, just down to the pressure being adequate.

    Just to eliminate the obvious, are you sure your gauge isn’t broken? I reckon you’d notice tbh but…

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I just fitted Maxxis Ignitors which have a really thick sidewall, it’s got ‘extra protection’ written on it. It certainly seems to be thick, it sealed immediately with zero faff (with CO2).

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