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  • Tubeless users – do you carry a CO2 inflator?
  • Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Given that I can only usually inflate UST tyres with a track pump or compressor is it worth carrying a CO2 inflator for trailside repairs?

    No – just stick a tube in and do the reapir at home in the dry unless using those push rough puncture plugs


    They are usefull, but only really required if you need to
    reseat the bead.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I use the anchovy hole plug/fixer things and a CO2 inflater.

    Nope. I carry a spare tube and a decent pump.

    I’m using Stans flow rims and they grip the beads so well I’ve not had them roll off. Even when completely flat they have to be directly pushed out of the bead hook by me.

    As a result, when I do have a flat (had one last year – 1st in 4 years) I pump it up until the latex starts to erupt, then leave it for a couple of minutes to form a plug, then put normal pressure back in.

    The fact that stans rims grip tyre beads so well is a substantial factor in their convenience, as compared to normal rims and the rimstrips that are required.


    I do, never needed to use it though as any leaks I get are slow or seal themselves before tyre deflates. Second the tubeless repair kits, work well.

    EDIT: used once, during and XC race when I was only carrying a CO2 inflater in my pocket.

    Small pump.

    Probably depends on the type of tubeless. Once the tyre has taken the right shape to fit the rim it seems to remember it and this makes it much easier to re-inflate. I’ve got BMX half tubes on WTB trail rims with latex and Nevegals. Last time I burped a wheel, it re-inflated OK.


    Nope, I just carry a spare innner tube.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Does the cold gas of a CO2 inflator do odd things to the latex/sealant, or is it ok?


    Mines only gone down once. well it went dont twice but simultaneously. Used nomal ickle pump to pump it up, went down again and then pumped it up with bike standing up with hole at bottom and it sealed, and it was dead cold.

    I am thinking the Stans sealant doesnt like the cold, yes?

    Premier Icon Farticus

    Nope. I run sealant in my USTs so rarely get a puncture that can’t cope with. If I do get one, I use the Panaracer tubeless repair kit which seems to work even with sealant in the tyre.

    Anything that the above can’t cope with would require a tube anyway, so a simple pump will do you.

    Sealant seals better when on the move, esp. the latex-based ones. Pump the tyre up & pedal a bit – that usually does the trick, but sitting around watching sealant leak out won’t get you very far. Personally I use Ultraseal now, but Stans & JRAs work fine like this.


    Use spare tube and carry mini pump and c02 inflator for back up

    Premier Icon mboy

    I’m a bit over cautious and carry CO2 inflator and 2 CO2 cartridges, mini pump and a presta valve inner tube with me when riding. And I run sealant in the tyres too.

    That said, I’ve not punctured yet whilst riding tubeless. Sod’s law states that as soon as I take any of said kit out of my camelbak I will get a puncture, so it’s all staying in!

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