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  • Tubeless tyres going soft pronto.
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    Alright, maybe not pronto… Set up a new pair of Nobby Nics on Stan’s ArchEX rims; my first 29er and my first tubeless set (built by Just Riding Along – lovely). 2 cups of sealant in each, vigorously distributed. Pumped up to between 35 and 40 PSI on Sunday. By Wednesday, both tyres have gone from ‘firmly inflated’ to ‘squeezably soft’. That’s just 3 days, people. Is that normal for tubeless? Thanks in advance for your comments (except the inevitable “bloody hell, what have you gone tubeless/29er for?” – I’m trying it out, OK?)

    Its quite common.

    I had the same with mine and pumped them back up, shook the wheels, span them and left them on their side on a bucket overnight.

    They were fine after that.

    I think its just a case of getting the sealant to cover all the inside of the tyre and seal properly, particularly around the rim and bead – hence leaving on its side overnight.


    I put a bit more than 2 cups in and ride round the block to let is swish around on a new tyre.

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    It’s a tubless thing. loads of pores in the tyres need filling, best thing to do is go for a ride, sloshes the gunk around the inside of the tyre more effectively.

    What he said, they often (not always) seem to go soft before the first ride, pump em up to 30-40psi (to be sure they won’t deflate), go for a ride, then drop back to a more normal 22-27psi.

    Even a pin prik will deflate a normal tyre in 30seconds, so a hole that only lets out half the pressure in 3 days is going to be tiny.

    Mine last between top ups of stans solution, hardly ever pump them up(c.a. 4 months, but apparently random, I blame cold rides followed by a hot car) as sometimes it goes a whoel summer puncture free, but this winter it’s dried out twice (and not using CO2).

    Premier Icon rhayter

    Thanks, one and all. I’ll relax. And when I’ve built the bike up, I’ll ride it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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