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  • Tubeless tyre repair
  • jmac

    I've got a small tear (about 5mm) on the sidewall of my UST tyre which I am hoping to repair with my newly delivered Panaracer repair kit. On reading the instructions it would appear this kit is more suited to puncture holes than tears but I may be wrong.

    So, anyone repaired a sidewall with this kit, or is there a better alternative?

    Many thanks.

    I use slugs that push through and glue

    How close to the bead is it? In my experience if it's close to the bead at the edge of the tyre then you're not going to be able to repair it. I've tried to repair small holes here and found that it seems fine until you ride it a bit and then it just opens again.

    I've repaired small rips about the same size as yours on the main tread with the repair kit and it's been fine though. Never repaired a rip in the middle of the sidewall though so not sure about that. It could well be fine though.

    i have repaired holes ON the bead with a weldtite kit

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    What Rob said. I haven't had to but susp[ect a stitch in a longer cut would help.


    The tear is closer to the tread than the bead. When fully inflated it would be about 15mm from the wheel rim, so I don't think the bead will cause problems.

    I've tried a few times to repair a hole near to the bead and it's always worked for a bit and then started leaking again after a few hard rides. Maybe I'm doing something wrong!


    The weldtite kit that uses what look like sticky pipe cleaners is good for small tears. I would certainly expect it to seal a 5mm tear

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    For tears, I use the TipTop tubless repair kit. It is a patch that goes on the inside of the tyre. Works a treat right down to the bead. Just make sure you clean the gunk off well first.

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