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  • Depends where and how hard you ride, but I found the thinner Schwalbe tyres to be a bit of a nightmare for tears.

    There are a few options, it depends on the size of the hole.
    1. (Easiest)
    Plug the hole from the outside. If the hole is too big to seal normally, but small enough for these to stay in place, they’re fantastic.
    2. Take the tyre off, clean the goo out and dry the area around the split. Use a (big) standard repair patch and glue. Clamp in a vice to make sure it sticks, and leave to dry for a few hours. Then reseat the tyre, add sealant etc.
    3. If neither of those options work, I’ve had some success using medical sutures to repair tyres. I.e. sew em up. I doubt this would work so well with cotton stitches, and I have no idea where one finds medical-grade sutures (If you’re searching google, 2-0 thickness is about right). The only downside of this is that it leaves hard stich material on the inside of the tyre – I imagine this could cause problems when/if you have to put a tube in.

    My first venture into tubeless was going so well – until last night.
    Riding on some nasty, but not extreme, gravel I managed to split the tyre right in the centre of the tread by about 1/4 inch. I managed to get the tyre to seal at first, by rolling the split to the bottom and letting the sealant do it’s thing (I’m using Stans No Tubes), but once I started moving it opened up again. By this time most of the sealant had come out and I had to resort to fitting a tube to get me home.I did have a small bottle of sealant with me but the tube option seemed to be the way to go as it was getting late.

    So my question is: How (or is it possible) to repair my tyre with the split?

    Secondly, I’m using Rocket Rons Evo Pacestar tyres. I know these are lightweight but should I expect this sort of thing to happen a lot? The gravel was rough but I wouldn’t have expected it to split the tyre like it did.

    Any advice?

    Thanks for you reply Superficial.
    I just happened to bump into a Schwalbe rep whilst in my LBS so I quized him over the situation. He confessed that the TL Ready tyres are prone to rips from flinty gravel and that the performance version of the RRon may be a better option if riding that type of terrain regularly.
    He also suggested the inner-tube patch as an okay fix. Interestingly he pointed out that using CO2 cannisters with Stans is not a good idea as it tends to freeze the sealant which then does not return to its correct state. I don’t know how true that is but it could explain why the sealant didn’t seal.
    Apparently the Tubless tyre (not TL Ready)is a heavier, more resiliant, tyre but can be a problem if the rim isn’t a true UST rim?
    I’ll try the fix and see how I get on. Thanks again.

    1/4″ long split should fix up fine, using a tubeless repair kit like the one linked.

    I’ve also ridden a tyre with an inner tube patch on, for quite some miles. It worked fine, too.

    Both options are cheaper than a new tyre…


    Tyre off, clean inside, dry completely, superglue on the outside sparingly (Gorilla Superglue is slightly flexible, but whatever you have to hand), turn inside-out to force together while glue dries, normal repair patch with vulcanising solution on the inside, flexible glue over the top of the patch (Evo Serious Glue, Seamgrip, etc or just vulcanising solution).

    I’ve done three repairs like this to my current rear tyre and they’ve been fine. Rema sell a specific type of “Special Cement” for gluing patches to tyres, but normal vulcanising solution has done me fine.

    Thanks for all the comments.
    I’ve ordered a Hutchinson kit from Stif; from the photo it’s looks like a tybe of superglue and some normal patches.
    Thanks again.


    Rima special cement, and their own patches for tubes work very well, clean inside of tyre with brake/clutch cleaner first, you can buy it in cans from car shops, works for me. Nobby Nics TL ready are equally as bad. I will be going back to maxxis ardents on the back when this is finished which looking at its wear rate won’t be long.


    Glue less patches work fine. ( the type you use on tubes ). Just dry the inside of the tyre then file. Stick on patch apply pressure and rub leave for a few mins then reseat and inflate.

    Job done and fixed for about 40pence

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