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    I was mucking about in the garage this morning waiting for the joiner to arrive to fit our new front door, and I decided to change my tyres over for winter, as you do. Whilst gearing up for the usual messy sealant-and-soap part of the tyre-change ritual, I spotted some kiddy bubble-mix on the shelf. Being too lazy to walk to the kitchen for the Fairy Liquid, I decided to give the bubble stuff a go instead.

    It’s ace! I strongly recommend using that stuff instead of washing-up liquid to get your tubeless tyres seated and sealed properly. It’s the perfect consistency to temporarily seal small gaps, and is slippy enough to allow the bead of the tyres to shift into place really easily. It doesn’t foam up massively like washing up liquid does, and you don’t need to slather the stuff on, I just painted a very thin layer of it onto the rim strip, and a bit of wiggling around was all I needed with a TLR tyre. It popped up with a track pump no problem. (Obviously you need to do all the other faffy bits of tubeless tyre setup like making sure the bead is clean and that the tyre is the right shape and not full of holes and that.) I even managed to get my Mud-X to seat perfectly on my non-tubeless front wheel with a Stans strip on it, not a wobble in sight, which is something I’ve never managed to do before.

    So there you go: if you’re going tubeless and you’ve got some bubble mix lying around, use that instead of washing up liquid, it’s brill. Also, you can kill a good five or ten minutes blowing bubbles when you’ve finished redoing all the wheels in the garage and the joiner’s still not arrived…

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    Never used WUL myself!


    If you run out of bubble stuff, shower gel with water works better than washing up liquid (for blowing bubbles).

    Same here, I usualy get them seated with no sealent (but add it anyway)

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    Never needed to use any sort of lube. Ah well, as you were………

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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