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  • GaryLake

    Superglue a small square of inner tube to the inside, once dry super glue the split on the outside. Worked a treat on a proper tear that wouldn’t seal.

    New tyres 3 rides in….a nick / slit on one side and then a scuff revealing some fibres (so sort of a graze on the tyre really)….

    Nick / Slit looks recoverable with a patch or even a bigger dose of goo…..

    Anyone repaired a graze type thing??


    Premier Icon JoeG

    I had a similar 1/8″ sidewall cut with a scuff that flexed too much for Stan’s to seal. I glued a regular small patch to the inside of the tire after cleaning the area thoroughly. It was still fine when I replaced the tire almost a year later.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    In case the previous two posts weren’t enough to convince you, a regular inner tube patch applied to the inside of the tyre wil work great. Just check that when pumped up to pressure the tyre doesn’t bulge too much as it will attract more abrasion and wear.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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