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  • tubeless repair quandary
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    Rear wheel landed on a rock hard a few months ago. Sealant didn’t fill the hole so I used an inner tube to continue the ride… and it stayed in there for a few months. Got some of those repair mushroom plug things (3mm) that were mentioned on a thread here somewhere.

    After removing and cleaning mud off tyre couldn’t find hole. Put it back on rim without tube to hopefully hear the air escaping to identify hole. No air escapes, but hole is visible, a ~5mm slit. Tyre in question is Specialized Purgatory Grid 27.5×2.35. It’s been pumped up for an hour now with track pump still attached.

    Should I:

    a) rejoice the hole is repaired and go ride

    b) repair by poking a mushroom through the hole

    c) repair by poking an anchovie through the hole

    d) procrastinate further

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    F) repair by fitting a puncture patch on the inside (could put a bit of superglue on/in the slit too, or some people have even stitched them closed I believe)

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    The mushroom thing is like a puncture patch and you use glue with it, it’s just got an additional bit which protrudes through the hole.

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    The 5mm slit is not necessarily where the first puncture was.

    G) immerse tyre in water to check for slow leak and then mushroom patch

    or A, but be prepared for a flat.

    This time though, mark the tyre with the wax crayon you get in puncture patch boxes so you’ll know where it is when you get home and carry out a proper fix

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    I would do (and have done) F)

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