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  • Mbnut

    Does anyone have any experience of using these…. I am wondering if they will work on a tyre that has latex in it or whether I am better of running my tyres dry so that the kit will work.


    Premier Icon JoeG

    Liquid sealant (Stan’s) is the way to go! It will seal most punctures, no problem. The only time that it has not worked for me is a cut (1/4″) in the sidewall, or if I didn’t top off the sealant and let it dry out.

    I bought some of those “gummy worm” tubeless plugs but have not tried one yet.


    The tubeless plugs work just fine with a tyre with latex in, no need to deflate the tyre, let alone take it off the rim even. I’ve been using them for years and several of my tyres have plugs in with no issue – I used to live on the South Downs and got plenty of flint cuts too large for latex to heal.

    The patches, designed to go inside your tyre, are a pain in the ass, require a dry tyre and removal of the tyre from the rim to heal a hole. Not trailside friendly.

    I’d recommend using latex for 99% of holes and taking plugs in your repair kit with you for the odd hole, once or twice a year, that won’t heal.

    Premier Icon Farticus


    I commuted for 4 years on tubeless with latex which deal with most things. When a flint got in or the hole wouldn’t seal then the Panaracer kit did the trick (external rubber strip, covered in vulcanising glue and inserted with the tyre in place). No problem with latex in the tyre.

    I took off one worn out tyre with 7 of these in, and never had a single problem with this way of working tubeless. I use Stans latex – I haven’t tried anything else as it works so well.

    Premier Icon tomd

    The Weldtite kit works well even if the tyre has sealant in it


    Plus you get more grip from the patched tyres – the plugs are like an extra knob!

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    +1 for Weldtite gummy worms

    ( thanks STW, I’ve always wanted to say gummy worms)

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Anchovy/gummy worm solution works best ime. Can leave them in for months with no further leakage.


    +lots on the gummy worms. They work really well.

    Mark N

    I have the Panracer version where you cut strips (worms) from a piece of rubber and then coat it in glue before spiking in to the hole. Works a treat.

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