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  • Tubeless ready tyres brush not slosh (fitting tip)
  • Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I cannot believe I never tried this before last night it’s so obvious!

    Take 1 new specialized 2bliss tyre, which previous experience tells me are pigs to seal the first couple of times.

    Put 50-60ml liquid art latex (or chosen posh sealant) in a cylindrical receptacle (jam jar)

    Use a paint brush to apply a liberal coating of latex to inside of tyre.

    Leave 10-20 minutes for latex to thicken up depending.on room temp.

    Fit tyre (with additional sealant based on personal taste).

    Inflate with normal track pump.

    No need for soap, sidewalls sealed and all done in 5-10minutes plus drying time.

    Did I get lucky? Does anyone else do this?

    Dunno, all my 2bliss tyres went up first time with no sealant at all (added some anyway, just like a dry run to see if it needs the track pump or some CO2).

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Never had a 2bliss tyre that didn’t seal instantly, myself.

    It could be a good idea for running non UST Conti tyres tubeless though. 😉

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Amazing! I have three different type of 2bliss (storm control, captain and fasttrak) and not one would go.up and stay up without sealant and plenty of soap until I tried this. Love the tyres so have always persevered and not a criticism of them, just seemed a little faffy first time round.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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