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  • Premier Icon Alex

    Replaced my QR UST wheels. Now have 719 rims that I’d like to use my tubeless tyres on. Already have Stan’s wheel milk plus the Syringe I used on the old UST wheels. So I guess all I need is Stan’s rim strips and valves to convert these to tubeless?

    Or did I miss something? Ta.

    spot on – oh and some tyres


    Am I missing something here…seems to me the only advantage for tubeless is less punctures but wait a minute…to puncture a normal tubed wheel you need to pierce both the tyre and the tube however to puncture ‘tubeless’ you need to puncture only the tyre! Does not this mean it is easier to puncture with tubeless (and more difficult to repair)?

    aw – tubeless have to goo inside so punctures seal themselves. I went tubeless shortly after getting a 96er and realising I needed 2 different size innertubes. Never punctured since.

    Oh, there is lots of other stuff about lower pressures, lower rolling resistance, better feel but I will let the other talk about that.

    Premier Icon gamo

    and some patience.

    Premier Icon Alex

    I Was sceptical about tubeless until I tried it! No punctures in three months, lower tyre pressures DOES make a difference to grip and I liked the UST tyres I had as well.

    Hopefully converting standard rims won’t be a ball ache.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    I’ve just gone tubeless on both sets of wheel. Admittindly i’m using 5.1DT Swiss rims and the Ecclipse rim strips. I’ve just this morning mounted the Swampthings and they sealed first time. I’ve been using the High rollers over Chrimbo and i must say they do roll better for a given pressure.

    I’ve got a set of XM 719’s that have Fatboys on at the moment, if the cycle to work scheme gets sorted at work i’ll be converting them using Stans strips and some lightweight tyres.

    I’m considering using standard Racing Ralphs and Nobby Nics as I already have em in the garage.

    just a bit concerned about how robust they are.

    Anybody used std RR/NN with tubeless kits and what experiences have you had?


    Used proper snakeskin ust NN and RR combo tubeless but even they are fragile. They roll superbly but after a front blowout on rocks, I prefer the security of thicker Maxis sidewalls.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    I’ve been using standard NN’s here (Nottingham/Peaks) for the last 6 months. No punctures or sidewall problems, which has surprised me after hearing of their frailty. Had a set of high rollers in the garage all that time, too lazy to put them on, and still waiting for the failure to occur to force the issue, but nothing’s happened so far, touch wood. Hell, a bit embarassed to admit it, but I don’t even take out spare tubes anymore, fool that I am.


    Got some Mavic EX729’s, I need a light weight but strong walled tyre that will seal well and will run on low pressures without the walls failing ?
    Any ideas ?
    Should I buy UST / LUST tyres, if so will these fit 729’s, ?

    Any ideas would be welcome
    Ta dudes

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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