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  • Tubeless Newb – tyre stuck to rim tape
  • IHN
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    I’ve got tubeless tyres on my new bike, first time having such things.

    I wanted to take the front tyre off last night to look at a leaky valve stem. I deflated it and the bead came away from the rim easily enough, but it was stuck to (I assume) the rim tape. It was not budging. Any ideas?

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    Push harder.

    So long as you don’t tear it, there’s a good chance the rim tape will just sit back down again nicely once it comes free. Worst case, you have to retape the rim. (which you might have to do anyway if its a crappy hole in the tape around the valve.

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    Yeah it can be a pain that one..

    Gorilla ?

    Normal tubeless tape i wouldn’t expect to be that sticky.

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    Cheers, I shall up my grappling game.

    It’s ‘proper’ tape (at least I hope so, it’s what came on the tubeless-ready wheelset from Sonder

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    Yeah it’s the biggest disadvantage of rim tape unfortunately.

    You’re likely to have to retape after, as the tyre is pretty likely to damage hte tape when it’s stuck on like this. If you do, get it clean- like super mega clean- and give it a scuff where the tape will go with a scotchbrite pad or if you don’t have that some fine wet and dry/sandpaper, just to help it key in. It doesn’t sound like it’ll make a difference but it totally does.

    How wide are the rims btw?

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    The rims are 30mm internal width

    Sonder Alpha 29

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    IIRC my Sonder Alphas only had a thin strip of tape up the middle of the rim and sealed up just fine. Not like WTB which I’ve found to need taping right up to the bead. If retaping you may not need to tape close to where the tyres sit in the rim.

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    I’m using these nowadays, resuable strips, as I seemed to be spending seven or eight quid on tape ever time I changed tyres..

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    Similar to the Newmen tapes – fattystripper and skinnystripper. I’ll leave you to Google them …

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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