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  • Milese


    I’m new to CX and out of touch with MTB, and I use the bike for racing CX only.

    I’ve just got a pair of wheels built with the Stans Alpha 340 rims, which are made for tubeless.

    I got them used, with the intension of running tubes, but am now thinking about tubeless possibilities, which I’ll try and discuss (from my limited understanding) below:

    I’d need:

    2 layers of yellow rim tape
    Tubeless value
    Tubeless sealant
    Tyres – will my current (non tubeless specific) Schwalbe CX Pro clinchers be ok?

    Weight – I’ll obviously save ~260g from a pair of inner tubes, but will add 2 valves and some sealant, and idea what that’s likely to weigh?

    Reliability – how reliable will this be? I’ll gain reliability from not having a tube to puncture, but risk burping air? Is there any difference in riding a flat with a tube or without a tube (ie both are impossible) as one of the benefits of a tubular tyre is the ability to ride a flat to the pits for a wheel change.

    Ride – will be able to run lower pressures without fear of pinching, and running without tubes should give better feel / performance.

    Cost – if I can use my current wheels and tyres then its just some sealant, valves and tape – £20?

    Any more thoughts / suggestions or risks appreciated!


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    Run too low and you risk burping them. There is a lot more info on the american cyclocross magazine website about running tubeless. I’m still on tubes as I like to be able to change my tyres round to suit conditions. Tempted to try it, and then buy a second set of wheesls instead, be interested to hear how you get on.

    I’ve recently set up my rear CX wheel tubeless using non tubeless Shimano wheels using Geax XG TNT tubeless ready tyres. Initially I set them up using electrical tape and a tubeless valve but suffered a bit of burping so I trimmed a 29er stans rim strip I had lying about ( it was too wide for the rim). Works great and no burps now, sealed well and seems solid.

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    Yes you want tubeless ready tyres(. Not much choice ) but worth it.. Easy to inflate less chance of burping and hold air better.. The non tubeless tyres I tried were hard to inflate/burped etc.. I’m running vittoria xg tubeless ready ..

    So far so good 🙂

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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