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  • Tubeless conversion – UST or normal tyres?
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    Try it and see, worst that can happen is a long walk home, and having to buy new tyres.

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    UST sounds right, at least initially – they are very reliable. Normal tyres are very hit and miss on conversions – you need the right combination for a reliable setup. I’ve had good results with tubeless ready tyres recently – usually labelled TLR and cheaper / lighter than a UST.

    My worst tubeless experience was with a DT swiss 5.1 rim (not sure if it was a D) – hellishly tight fit for the UST tyres I tried. If you were unlucky and punctured one on the trail it would be next to impossible to get the tyre off. Just my experience – I’ve read that others use them without issue.

    Pinkbike did an video tutorial on converting to tubeless, and they used the DT 5.1s in it – think it was just yellow tape and a standard tyre.

    Find that and copy what they did.

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    Tubeless or Tubeless Ready would be my choice.


    I went tubeless on run-of-the-mill Kenda Nevagals on Mavic XC719 rims using a track pump and some cursing. They appear to be holding air just fine.


    I run DT Swiss 5.1’s tubeless with normal Maxxis tyres. Had no issues in the last 18 months i’ve been using them. They drop pressure to maybe 20psi from mid 30’s over the space of about 4-6 weeks but other than that have been spot on.

    Think i might go proper tubless tyres next time but at the moment they’re all ok. I used Joe’s eco set up, lots of soapy water and a track pump and they went up without much trouble.

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    I’ve just converted my DT 5.1s

    I’ve used the Eclipse Tublesskit tape (same as the DT branded one, but cheaper), stans sealant and Bonty XR4 (non-tubeless) tyres.

    Took a few attmpts, during which I learnt:

    When sticking the tape to the rim, allow a few hours for the adhesive to go off. It MUST stay central.
    I had to buy a decent track-pump, and made up a ghetto accumulator to seat the tyres – seat both sides at once to ensure the tyre sits on the tape correctly.
    Then added a bit more sealent than officially required. The tyres were well-used so had a few holes, the sidewalls are porous as they’re not tubeless specific, and the bead was a bit worn from getting on and off from the numerous punctures I had been getting.

    Rear tyre took about 2 weeks to get on, by the time I’d learnt that.
    Front took 30 minutes!

    stayed inflated ever since, and feels a much nicer ride.


    Convert and use up the tyres you have, I find [generally speaking] if you cant get the tyre to seal/seat on the rim with a track pump it aint going to stay on when riding.
    Worse thing is when out riding and you loose all your air, stick a tube in and finish the ride.

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    I had single ply Maxxis Minion/ADvantage on my Flow rims tubeless but blew both off the rim on an uplift day at FoD. I’ve now got an EXO casing Minion on the front and had no problems at all. Did take a bit of getting inflated but not dropped more than a couple of psi in over 3 weeks.
    It all depends on the type of riding you do really..UST for more gnar but for normal XC/trail you should be fine with normal tyres.


    my BC rubber queens are fine tubeless. Takes a few days for them to seal properly but that’s no big deal


    So I’m contemplating converting my DT Swiss 5.1D rims to tubeless with some yellow tape and valves. My question is whether I should look at investing in a pair of UST tyres or just stick with the normal version (looking to invest in some Black Chili Rubber Queens). I’ve heard a lot of talk about burping on these conversions and was wondering whether the UST tyres protected against this any better than non UST?

    I’ve also read an article over on pinkbike about rim width that uses the 5.1D as an example stating how the slightly narrow profile of the rims makes them unsuitable for tubeless. Have things moved on since this or will I still experience issues on my rims?

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