TT bars, are they all the same, how do you pick a set?

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  • TT bars, are they all the same, how do you pick a set?
  • Need a pair as my arms still in plaster but I’ve got the Turbo set up. So to start with I just need something comfortable to rest my elbow/forearm on.

    1) Do they all clamp on near the stem? My bars are an odd shape so anything more than a few inches appart would require new bars, not the end of the world as the plasters destroyed the bar tape anyway, but a bit of a faff (and I guess propper TT bars would need a TT shifter).

    2) How do you determine the right position, if I’m going to put any effort in on the Turbo I may as well plan on doing some TT’s in the Summer/Autumn. Is it just a case of pushing the seat as far forewards as it’ll go and lowering bars untill legs hit rib’s/belly and pick a width that’s comfortable?

    I’m more bothered about burning calories than working specific muscles so the fact it’s not working MTB specific muscles and won’t be 100% efficient isn’t such an issue, but I’d still like to do it ‘right’.

    If they’re all much of muchness, how about these?


    Any I have seen clamp on the bars.

    Position – go as far forward/down as you are comfortable with (I rotate my seatpost 180deg) – it’s likely anything very different from your norm will take some getting used to in the back/hamstring area.

    Those tokens look fine (I have some here in the shop) although I prefer something that turns up at the ends so I’m not bending my wrist (I do longer events with them though) and fabric pads are nice (rather than closed cell).

    I meant clamp on the bars, near the stem, not on the stem itself, there’s maybe 4cm either side of the clamp that’s circular, so any clamp would need to be near enough butted up against the stem. Spose I could just get some scrap 1.25″ tubing to mock up a bar for the turbo or scavange in the spares box.

    Hadn’t thought of wrist bend, my wrists in the cast so straight bars probably not the best idea.

    And fabric pads sound like a good idea for on the turbo with less airflow.

    Basicly, not the Token’s!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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