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  • Trying cross bikes in the West Midlands?
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    I’m after a cyclocross bike through the Cycle2work scheme, as my journey to work across Cannock Chase strikes me as perfect territory for one – faster than the MTB I currently use but won’t fall to bits on the off-road sections.

    The main problem is I haven’t ridden a road bike since I was about 8 years old, so I have no idea what size or shape I’m after. So where can I try some before deciding which to go for?

    I’ve been to the Specialized Concept Store in Birmingham today (it’s a straaaange place, that Fort Dunlop) which was useful – my 5’11” self seems to fit a 52″ Tricross, although that’s after a quick leg-over test rather than anything more thorough. What other bike shops around will have a few I can nose at, have a quick go on, and possibly get one from when the time comes?

    As close as possible to Cannock would be nice, although I’m willing to travel to find the right bike.


    Te Bheag


    67-73 Victoria Road
    ST4 2HG ,

    Also a shop on Cannock chase itself!

    and Fred Williams:
    Snow Hill

    Freds is a proper bike shop and they’ll be very helpful.


    Second Swinnos at Stoke. Paul or Craig will get you the perfect fit…


    Get the fit right! a 52cm specialized seems quite small for a 5’11” bloke. That’s said thout seeing you on a bike though.


    or Two Wheels in Amblecote.
    As an idea I’m 5’8″ and ride a 54cm cross bike.


    Swinnertons Fenton are in the C2W scheme and will give you the best deal,

    but Mammoth in Milford may have some in and are a good shop-


    i’m 5’11” and ride a 54 cross, 56 road. 52 does sound small.


    Get a proper fit….as mentioned Fred Williams have done me great service & deals over time.

    I’m 6ft & had a 54cm compact geometry road frame. I now run a 57cm traditional geometry frame & both were correct after fitting via FW.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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