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  • Ti Jane

    I am looking to buy a full-susser, probably women’s specific, have a bundle of readies burnin’ a hole in my pocket…there’s a recesion on…you’d think the bike shops’d be pleased to see me huh? Nope! I was in a big chain branch this morning, and they couldn’t be bothered to talk to me much less get a bike down for me to look at never mind get a sit on! Can anyone recommend a bike shop in the London/South East area (that doesn’t begin with an “E”) that might have a bike or two for me to look at?


    Mountain Trax (01189 761130) in Barkham or Trail Junkies (01491 871721)in Streatley. Can’t wait to lend them out. Sort of South East in a Reading direction

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    Brixton Cycles (SE London)
    Give Evans another go, there’s loads of them in/around the SE, maybe it was really busy or you just got a duff branch bonus of them is there’s loads of stock there so it makes it easy to try lots of different models.

    Quest Adventure in Worthing


    Head for the Hills in Dorking, if that’s anywhere near you. Don’t know what demo bikes they have, but very nice chaps.


    How about Evans Cycles 😉 😆 OOps someones let the cat out the bag above 😉 No seriously Cylopedia in Watford are good!


    Moose Cycles in Colliers Wood

    Very nice chaps there. I think the manager of the shop is actually the owner so he cares about small details like customers 😉


    C&N Cycles in Redhill has a few WSD Trek full suss’s in at the moment if that’s what you’re after. Independant stockist, manager is owner, etc etc. I can vouch for them as being my lbs.


    I’ve got a Giant Trance X5 in medium as a demo bike – it’s not booked at the moment. Bracknell Cycles……if it’s not too far for you. Contact details in profile.

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    The E shop again? A friend at work, (female, no more than 5′ 6″) went to try a mountain bike and they told her the 19″ was ideal for her.

    When she mentioned this, i pulled up the web site and pointed out that as a company, 19″ was all they had left in stock! What a lucky coincidence.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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