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  • Truing a well battered DH rim
  • With disc brakes even tension and slightly off true will be more durable than needing to make the tension substantially uneven to get it running bang on but there’s obviously a limit to how far out of true is functionally o.k.

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    Really depends on how bad it is tbh… If it needs really high or low tension to get it straight (and I mean straight enough here, hardly any of my wheels are properly straight and round) then it’s probably not going to do too well next time you give it a kicking. It’s a wee bit of a vicious circle, the kit that’s most likely to get damaged is the kit you need to be in the best condition.

    OTOH, the better a job you do now the less likely it is to need done again later.

    Also don’t forget that the more you bend, batter and stretch an aluminium rim, the more likely it is to fail as the aluminium becomes brittle through work hardening.


    After 3 successive days of DH my rear rim had had quite a battering :P. I’ve straightened the dings out as best I can now need to retrue and tighten the loose spokes. Its never going to be bang on but is it best to get even spoke tension with a wobble, take out the wobble with less even tension or somewhere in between? (Nukeproof wheelset using rebranded Sun Ringle rims)

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    I tend to accept a bit of out of truness / wobble in favour of having more even spoke tension, but that’s just me.

    A lovely true wheel achieved by having a mixed bag of tight & loose spokes will always go out of true / have a spoke fail quicker than an evenly tensioned wheel (IMO)…

    All within reason of course, 1-2mm out here and there isn’t the end of the world but ~5mm and I’d probably have a good go right round the rim to try and even up the tension, maybe even change a couple of spokes to get it a more in line…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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