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  • (true) 2.25″ tire on 38mm rim, possible?
  • TLDR; I wonder if the 2.25″ On One Smörgåsbord will work on the stock 38mm Marin Pine Mountain Rim? Seems like really stretching it?

    The 2019 Marin Pine Mountains are being sold at ridiculous prices. It has awesome fender mounting points both front (an extra bridge at tire height) and rear. Have a Genesis Longitude on order, but it will require ugly hacks and possibly a not so nice fender line (no drilled chainstay or/and seatstay bridge).

    Will be used for travel and commuting and full coverage SKS fenders are a must. 65mm is the widest “normal” SKS fender. Will the 2.25″ On One Smörgåsbord work with the 38mm rim? The Longitude has 35mm rims (and not that horrid 141×9 fake boost rear hub).


    It will be fine for general use, I’ve had a 2.25 tyre on a 45mm internal rim. The tread profile was a bit more flattened off but perfectly usable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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